Bex's Five Year CM Anniversary

It's possible I am wrong but I think Bex, you revealed yourself in my hideout.
Hideout of the Week S02E07: Joe Schmoe VS. The Volcano

This game, this company and this community have come a long way and I am happy to see such great success.

Cheers to a long and prosperous career keeping my favorite game great!
Hideout of the Week: Joe Schmoe VS. The Volcano

Still available in Standard.
You are welcome to see it for yourself anytime.

This is why this game is top for me and will always be. The mods, and employees/managers are actively involved in the community. MY COMMUNITY. Letting us fans know what's it's like on the inside of this game. To be called an Exile is a privilege that NO OTHER GAME can deliver.

They are involved with each of us. AND.......THEY GIVE BACK!!!

I had no idea who BEX was until this post. But it really deepens the pot for me.

Would Love to see the devs and managers show up in our games to say hi, or drop us some random notes in our hideouts. Really get immersed. Make us feel like hey I noticed your display, or way to go on your achievements. leave maybe some "dev" footprints in your hideout "so-and-so" was here.


there is no game like POE nor will there ever be. I continually support the game as often as I can financially because.......... IT'S WORTH IT.

I have dreams of this game dwarfing MMORG's. Becoming the biggest ARPG in history. Lets add in 100's of bosses. And multiple quest lines. I'm talking that kind of HUGE!!!! You want 36 achievements? Great.. what path of achievements would you like to take this league (out of 10 paths to choose from. Shit 30 paths to choose from). Finished 36 achievements this league, GREAT, start working on a different set of 36 in the same league.

I digress.......... WOW didn't expect all that to say Great Job love the game and the support. If anything be encouraged to be the biggest AARGP out there.
Hey Bex, we love you! Thanks for showing our memes to everyone around!
yay Bex your ducks are great
Bex_GGG wrote:
We love you, Bex! I think we're all excited to see what the next five years holds for the community.


ok so we all can send our love, boy o boooy!

imagine bex

and a reminder
🅰🅻🅸🅽 ::: ! ♥ PoE ツ 👌 :::
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