Bex's Five Year CM Anniversary

Happy anniversary, Bex. :)
You're an important part of the game.
I have zero clue who you are but am happy for ya!!!!!!!!!!!
Path of Exile just simple got one of the best Communities i was ever into.
And thats because of People like u Bex and the other Stuff. Meeting a Company who cares about their Players and talk to them 1:1 is just not normal today. I mean sure u all guys need to earn Money, but keeping the Balance to Communicate with ur Players and try to improve so hard as u do,without getting lost in the Structure is just a lot of Work and also passion. My Respect for this. Especially ExileCon impressed me even more and i had understand just more of this fascinating project. I wish it will make u happy for a long time, same for the Com and me. I was long time into other Communities but this is just a different one, one u should and can be proud of.

So Bex, Happy Anniv. - Never stop improving!
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Happy Anniversary & Best wishes !! Good luck.
Long live the Bex Queen!!
Tyrannosaurus BEX!

Happy Anniversary!
Bex we do not deserve you.
Thank you.
Thank you for all your hard work!
Gaming communities can be some of the friendliest, just depends on the centre of that community (you guys and gals).

I raise my energy drink to another 5 years of GGG doing NZ proud!
Needs more Duckdates <3 <3 <3
Don't ask what a Shebull is. You are far better off not knowing.

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