3.9.2e Patch Notes

Márkusz wrote:
Removed the Guild Stash from Tane's Laboratory.

Can we trade that in for a Stash in the menagerie?


_piekz wrote:
Mike_84 wrote:

Would it be really that hard for once clearly write out how exactly the new influencing / taunting system works?

in the meantime i am confused and amused about how players have not found that out by themselves - using that thing in between their ears.

Also: maybe some of us don't want or desire mechanics to be fully revealed, but merely discover them by ourselves?

Edit: typos

When the system is littered with bugs it would be helpful for the entire community to have the mechanism spelled out. It's a fair ask if you think about it.
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After a month with a little, already a new league, They release updates all !! This league is not a Metamorph, but an epic league of bugs !!!
No desire to buy more support kits !!
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Please god kill this league already.
In order to get rid of clearspeed meta cap global movement speed at 100% but make all skills instant so everything feels great.
So, this is the end of this fucking league. Most bugs are not fixed yet. Still, it was better than the last [Removed by Support] tower league. This [Removed by Support] Atlas league wasnt as bad, but still was pretty terrible.

Inept Atlas design, unfinished and raw, thrown at player base to figure out a million of existing bugs. [Removed by Support]

Yes, getting fucking sick of playing as a beta tester. Got zero hope for the next league, not looking forward it at all. League hype? Fucking forget it. Can't hype to thousands of bugs that break game play.

[Removed by Support]

I feel you so much! I stopped buying supporter packs long ago now. I think everyone should do the same until they start considering player feedback again. They are now completly disconnected with their community. They made too much money, they grew greedy, all they care is just make new expansions and MTX, quality doesn't matter anymore. Thousands bug? Who cares????????
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Exile009 wrote:
There are all...mostly useless. I suppose the handful of bugfixes are nice, but even most of them seem pretty damn niche.

But really, are you ever gonna deal with more impactful stuff? Like the fact that Metamorph fights are black-on-black (whose bright idea was that anyway?!)? Or are all the substantial changes you're going to make for this league done now, so we're stuck with it as is?

And why the hell was removing the guild stash from Tane's Lab felt important (why did it matter at all?!), but adding our stash to the Menagerie isn't?

I guess GGG has already mostly switched to development on the next league by now, hence why the disappointing trickle of improvements to the current one.

I completly lost hope for GGG. They can't organize to fix bugs. Also these bugs or missing QoL are very easy to notice, and the community asked for them for like an eternity... No idea what they are waiting for... If the used MTX development team on bug fixing instead of making new hideouts/special effects every few days we would have a bug free game by now. But NOPE, GGG prefers easy money. They will disappoint more people, until eventually they will get defeated by some other game.
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Any fix for the horrible random FPS drops?
The currency type dropdown is now ordered alphabetically when pricing an item in a Public Stash Tab.

Morgoth92 wrote:
Disappointed. No Unique Map Tier fix + No Horizon Orb fix. Fix what is gamebreaking first. Ty

they were fixed game breaking bugs that you have no idea about. you are living under rock.
Oddly specific crash, but alright.

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