3.9.2e Patch Notes

ggg when u will make better way for reward or aquire unique emperors jewels as better and fair reward/drop/anything than current as lab reward that promote cheats and scams?
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frostzor27 wrote:

Instead we get major fixes like alphabetical order on item pricing. Forget conquerors not spawning, that's not priority.

Haha very good
I guess if GGG wanted us to have a functional game they'd have provided us with one.
Removed the Guild Stash from Tane's Laboratory.

Why is everything in this game more clunky for multi-player? Like, can we leave the gstash there and make it easier to use (ctl+click)? I was using it with a friend to gather together our better metamorph pieces to run together. Now i have to run back to my HO each time?

Sorry don't mean to complain. Love the game (obviously pump money into GGG willingly every 3 months). Love the bug fixes. Understand some things are super low priority.

These days i only play with friends so the more group friendly things in the game (ex: shared league mechanics) the better! A more usable gstash is a QoL thing. Can't move tabs, can't ctl+click object, etc. It just makes it painful to play together.
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They sold out to the Chinese. They don't give 2 fucks about us anymore. [Removed by Support]
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HaddockA wrote:
32 pages and counting:


94 brains and counting:


Can confirm. I haven't seen an eye drop yet. and I have TONS of other parts. smh

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