Solaris and Lunaris Statue

sure it looks great and awesome!

hope ggg will make better way for unique emperors jewel reward/drop/anything than current as lab reward that promote cheats and scams
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They are beautiful, but I wouldnt spend a salary and a half on a statue :(

Still, really nice
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Chima wrote:
My wife says no; time for a new wife?

Yes, and this time you get two wives.
Lethal, untouchable, keen, aflame. Just what I was looking for.
Amazing statue. Too much expensive for me though :(
oww my lord. I would love one but too bad its expensive.
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destrock wrote:
650$US for this are you out of your mind !?

Better buy a 3d printer and wait for someone to make something similar, then buy the pattern 50$ from that person, and paint it ourself (can a 3d printer paint it ? I don't know I never had one)

There's no way you could get remotely close to this quality on a 3D printer under $650, not to mention the painting (no a printer cannot paint like this). The only way I could see this is on a Formlabs printer and those are several thousand dollars each...
Absolutely my favorite part of the story, and my favorite bosses artistically. I wish I could buy, lucky to those who are able to reserve one! You may have some of my jelly :)

Too bad it's outside of my price range. Will you guys sell a wall scroll version of these statues. They definitely look awesome. I'd like to have it in my collection.

OR at the very least, RESTOCK them next year when I have money to buy it lol
It's a beautiful statue, but when I first read the post I thought the shipping price was that actual price. That's just over $1000 in NZ money in your lowest projection, it's more than a little expensive I'm afraid.
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Ugh, these things look cheap. Seen better merch coming out of a 3d printer.

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