Solaris and Lunaris Statue

This looks sooo cool :o

Can you explain to me how as an attendee I was informed yet alone I could reserve this statue or anything “statue alike” at the convention? Cause that skipped my mind totally...

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How easy are these to clean up?
Never realized Lunaris' cloths was like that. How does it stay on? O_o
Well, it's less money than I've spent on some of the supporter packs. I suspect I would be in a smidge of trouble if I bought one however.
Damn you'r lookin' good ladies!
Very nice. Hope you sell them. Don't think they'll fly off the shelf at $600+ though. Maybe.
Looks really nice :)
you should have more statues from bosses and exiles with mtx or maybe we could customize... just an idea
I just sent an e-mail. Definitely gonna get me one of those.
German customs might raise the price a tad bit, tho.

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