Solaris and Lunaris Statue

insanely beautiful - holy fuck
Sick, it must be bigger than it looks in the pics. The box is pretty giant
Meta = cattle

-ty men
Well, it's less money than I've spent on some of the supporter packs. I suspect I would be in a smidge of trouble if I bought one however.

Would your wife leave you?
that looks pretty good!
Ooooooooooooooh side boobs
Would fit my collection pretty nicely! <-- Krillson video
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Looking pretty cool, what is the statue made of?
So wonderful, bring for us with a good price pls!!
looks amazing.

i know you hate me for saying it but could you also consider the original globe girlz? some reminder of the old days..
age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Damn, those look nice. Not much for novelty pieces though.
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