Talent Competition Highlights

That Megadeth/Metamorph Cover is the best. Wow!
Carved Marble Exalted Orb by Zrux
~ A major part of 鬼殺し leaving was something 鬼殺し said about Kopogero that, whilst truthful, scored 鬼殺し a 2 month probation. So please, stop with the fucking conspiracy theories. 鬼殺し is gone.
Blight theme and EX orb FTW!
stank, pug chump and all those idiotic one word responses
Love that Metamorph (Megadeth) album cover, brilliant!
Blight theme guitar is great !
I'm absolutely amazed how much great stuff you guys created! Keep it up!
music composer


I like this Daresso's Dream cover the most so far.
The live performance looks hilarious at moments though.

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"Carved Marble Exalted Orb by Zrux"

Amazed, speechless ...
Damn the Rust in Peace Metamorph cover, so good!

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