Talent Competition Highlights

That song should be put in as merveils battle song would be so awesome
I would love to have some of these in print. And the exalted orb deserves some real recognition
Incredible! So much creative talent out there. Good job all!
"It is the mucus that binds us"
Herbert.. That score is tear drawing friend. Absolutely amazing. I cannot shake these chills man. All the artwork, and sculptures are awesome as well. Everyone deserves the recognition.
It's great!!!!!!!!!!!!

Path of Exile - Blight Theme - guitar

Metamorph Metal Band Album
Where and how to listen to songs from this album !?

A Requiem for Merveil by TherionPrime
It's wonderful! I cried.

Zana is very VERY nicely... and ****able

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Guide to story is awesome.
Exalt's ok the rest is like 3.9, so bad.
Imagine building a super small model workshop, just to make that exalt look super big!
Bruh all of these are amazing but that lore video is legit the best thing ever. A+++ on stitching everything together, and even more A+++ for excellent delivery. Loved it :D

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