Talent Competition Highlights

Exalted orb sculpture won. That's all.
Shiiiiit thats one exalted orb i'll never spend
That Marble Exalted Orb should be sent to wander Space at "Voyager spacecrafts" style.
What do you mean that the league is not rewarding or fun? You put in 5 useless items in the device and you get 1 useless item... Oh wait!
/Talisman League(2015/2016)

Oh look, Synthesis League(2019) = Talisman League all over again.
/me ALT-clicks that Exalted.
tanksmontaje wrote:
is there any question that the marble exalt is the best?

It's amazing for sure but that Blight Theme by Mateusz Madej gave me goosies.
all are brilliant but that popsicle lore was awesome, it needs to be added to the official page as a form of source material for anyone to understand the story to the game.
That exalted orb has to win, it's amazing !
I like the cute atziri.
Atziri is like a sexy bdsm misstress :p
Nice :D

I want that Exalted "orb"
How much for the marble ex?
IGN: Dundada

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