Our Talent Competition is currently in full swing! We're blown away by the talents of our community and we're very pleased to see so many amazing music submissions this time. We've selected more highlights from the submissions so far to showcase. Check them out below:

Dancing Duo Fan Art by FloofyDwagon

Fan Art by Dragonborn5

Atziri by Kishimo

Low Clouds in Sarn by Dezlaboom

Blight Theme Cover by caladriel

Carved Marble Exalted Orb by Zrux

Metamorph Metal Band Album by Kardalak_IX

A Requiem for Merveil by TherionPrime

Path of Exile Popsicle Stick Lore Explanation by Thel (yep, we watched the full version!)

Zana by StellaTheSlaya

We'd like to remind that if your entry hasn't been featured in our news this doesn't mean you won't win. While selecting the winners we always make sure to consider every single submission, so don't worry!

If you got enough inspiration from seeing talents of our players and would like to participate in this competition, you have 10 more days to submit your entry! Good luck!
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Grinding Gear Games
That thing... it slaughtered everyone. Help me!
That's some massive ex right there.
is there any question that the marble exalt is the best?
Memba old vaal pact
wow amazing.. and that exalt.. beautiful work... i wish i could have it in my house ;p
epic, bro
█▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀ ░ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀ ░ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █░░█ █▀▀
█▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ ░ █▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀ ░ █▄▄▀ █▄▄█ █░░█ █▀▀█ █▀▀
▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░ ▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀ ░ ▀░▀▀ ▄▄▄█ █▀▀▀ ▀░░▀ ▀▀▀
Damn i need a video diary of the making of that exalted orb. That's really impressive!
I never knew how much I needed to see a massive marble exalted orb. That's one talented exile!
Good stuff, looks like someone is a Megadeth fan.
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Exalted Orb and Requiem Pog!

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