Celebrating Seven Years Since Open Beta


It was fun while it lasted
a precious times it's been and keeps going! :)

TY GGG for your existence :)
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just in love this game. THNX FOR EVERYTHING
Sooo long time since closed beta... :)
That Beta trailer surprised me, I could actually see what was happening on the screen. Nowadays there would be 900 Michael Bay explosions simultaneously going off over 6,000 different ground effects with over 9,000 projectiles from 1,000,000 different exploding mobs happening in a single second of one spell cast. Things were simpler then...
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ty GGG
Congratulations everyone at GGG! I remember back in open beta when 10 acts was just a pie in the sky dream. Now we're all going even further beyond to PoE2, it's amazing to see the success story that is PoE from the beginning. All of the engine changes, new content, balance changes, memes and people. Here's to many more years of PoE and GGG!
Still no pants, can we get pay to win pants?

Surely you meant to say "of?"
I make eggs.
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I'am so very happy I left the Castle Age's top guild in the world pay to be any good at all game ! the 10 months that that I missed wasn't too bad ... but I cant imagine how someone just starting play POE could be so overwhelmed could be ! But Iam very glad for this and All your hard work an time you have put into the game ! Thank you all so much for the Path of Exile we play today !

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