Celebrating Seven Years Since Open Beta

I respect you guys so f-ing much. There is no other gameing company that I respect more.
thank you for the memories.

here's to many more in poe 2.0.
Sometimes, I think I miss going through act 1-3 again and again then I remember how hard it was for my shadow on merciless, I still wont delete him :)

Piety was the first end game boss I killed, Dominus still has my favorite Voice-lines.

I once had a Vaal Side area that summoned an insane amount of copies of it'self and made himself invisible around level 20 that a level 70 couldn't kill.

When masters first came out I liked doing their side quests but for the life of me thought it was for guilds hahaha.

almost 100% certain I used a mirror on an item thinking it was just an average item.

Was always jealous of summoners who could faceroll with their zombies.

Been a long run Here's to 7 Years!
Game of the decade by far.

Been playing since open beta, and have regretted the lack of personal Kiwi ever since. I still remember my first character: a self-made Flicker Strike Shadow that one shot everything (until I invited party members) and felt godly (until around level 60).

Realizing the utter failure it actually was has forever been my cautionary tale for new players, who of course never listen.

Also, Jousis will forever be my favorite build creator. I have melted many a friend's graphics card. I would shed tears, but the server hasn't caught up yet.
Congrats, GGG!
Thanks for all of those years <3 Looking forward to POE 2!
Seven years later...one of the best game
G.G.G. is Awesome!!!
Amazing how far we’ve come!
IGN: JerleStriker
Shit, I should have joined PoE back then, as a buddy recommended - then I would have a legacy Kaom's heart now :(
It's been a great seven years and I'm looking forward to what comes out next.
Keep being great and we'll keep supporting your efforts.
Thank you for everything

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