Celebrating Seven Years Since Open Beta

You've missed something, Bex - along the way, we picked up a community manager that has become as much a part of the culture of the game as anything else you've highlighted.

"Look at me - I'm the community manager now."

^ This is how she talks to her boss.
Ruby light of Songbird dreaming,
Daring King of Swords deceiving,
Queen of Sirens left in grieving,
Star of Wraeclast evermore.
I love you guys, and I am so glad to be part of this history <3

Sorry I can't support you as much as the Canadian Dollar VS American Dollar exchange had got out of control, but I contribute by helping newbies on global.

I've always had faith in your team that you would always fix things that are broken, and some, and you always deliver!

Thanks for keeping the meta exciting; these nerfs have made me a better player.
"Your grandchildren will awaken screaming in memory of what I utter today!"
- Path of Exile, Legacy Whispers of Doom Keystone
started playing in 2013 back when the DE SYNC was rampart and sewers map terrible fps drops :D
Sad that when I first originally played the game sometime after open beta/early launch era, I didn't stick with it, sad that when I gave the game a chance again after a couple of years I didn't stick with it... But I have now been here for years nearly every league(say a few I skip due to RL/burnout) and I am not going anywhere!

As always thank you GGG for such an amazing game with so much more in the future to look forward too!
Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.

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Patiently awaiting the return of Exile Royale... much disappointment had.

Best ARPG ever. Keep going guys. (Just wish you'd get the graphics engine working right. I'm an AMD/ATI guy, and every time there's an update, I'm one of the ones to suffer.)
The day the world ends is the day GGG decides to celebrate something by giving everyone a free mtx.
Cheers to my favorite game - I figure I have well over 6k hours (I switched from Steam to GGG server for performance so I'm estimating). Anyway, don't let the Trolls make you think that everyone is disappointed - I think the game gets better and better every season and it is a thing of beauty right now (bugs aside).
There was time when I didnt like the game.

But today its different.

Game is much better.

Thx GGG for this game :).
open beta... that has wipe my closed beta characters !

Ill stick around another 7 years 😁

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