3.9.2c Patch Notes

hope that fix to ignite also fix the issue than elemental hit cannot apply ignite on high level bosses like shaper or sirus

btw, nice improvements
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WamboOSX wrote:
WilliamGoosen wrote:
High tier Perandus and Doryani's unique maps when?

carkasjak wrote:
QoL is nice and all, but this still solves none of the core issues with the new atlas giving players far less freedom and control than the old one did.


I can only assume you are referring to target farming maps because besides that the new atlas is a giant leap for mankind (you don't burn or waste sextants, boss bonuses are outstanding, map sustain is outstanding, etc.).

I hated the old atlas. I hate the progression of the new atlas but once you get over the hump, it's outstanding. They just need to improve the progression otherwise people will hang themselves league after league doing it anew.
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For the idiots who say nobody plays the league anymore...

It's always funny to see that the people who are complaining the loudest are the ones that are not playing anymore.
4k+ hours later and I'm still impressed whenever I read patch notes. Keep up the great work!
Nice set of improvements/fixes.

Fixed a bug where applying a Sextant to a Watchstone socketed in a Citadel could generate the same or a similar modifier which was already on another Watchstone in that same Citadel.
This means sextant blocking is partially back - you can socket in the citadel 3 watchstones with the most common sextant modifiers applied to them before applying sextant to 4th watchstone to increase chances of getting better sextant modifier.
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Nice! Great update :D
I didn't have any problems with this league, but seeing so many fixes lately, one has to ask, why release the expansion with so many bugs in the first place, and are you gonna compensate players that have lost a lot of currency because of bugs, bugs you ware aware of, but didn't care?
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Great patch. Thank you.
Am i missing the part where the added a tag for elder maps and a tag for blight maps to be searched?

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