Development Plan for 2020

Are there any plans to change current trade system and make it more user-friendly and viable?
it seems there is a future for PoE console. I'm surprised, there must be enough money being made to justify hiring people for the console versions. I'm also very happy. here's to PoE on the PS5.
Thanks for all the amazing work, please keep it up!
Once upon a time in usual GGG monthly meeting:
Head of Meeting: Why developing new league/content is taking to much time?
Technical Team: Tests are taking long time as usual.
Head of Meeting: Cut some of tests. So, we can release faster leagues/contents.

Once upon another time in usual GGG monthly meeting:
Support Team: We are started to get loads of bug/fix posts from players.
Head of Meeting: Hmm. We should make them excited somehow. Lets make a console announcement.

Usual monthly meeting:
Technical Team: Looks like we must delay console release again. We have some issues.
Head of Meeting: Tell them that Sony is still testing game something.
Community Team: We did use it twice already?
Head of Meeting: Does not matter, add few new lines into it. It will buy some time.

Next monthly meeting:
Head of Meeting: Why new game engine things are going slow?
Technical Team: Bug fixes are taking our time.
Head of Meeting: Stop fixing it then. We will use new engine anyway. Do not waste time for yearly fixes.

After a few months later, meeting again:
Support Team: Console players are insane about bugs/game crushes. Posts are raining.
Community Team: It is not only console players. PC side has a lot of bug posts too.
Head of Meeting: Time for another excitement then. Lets make PoE2 and mobile announcements.
Support Team: (*Whispers*) But, players are already on their limits bug wise?
Community Team: (*Whispers*) "We will move into new engine, no need to waste time for fixes anyway", right?
Support Team: (*Whispers*) You are right, my bad. Nevermind.

Next month, yes yeeess meeting again:
Support Team: We have tons of bug reports those are same coming over months and over again.
Technical Team: Should we do more tests before release? It will buy us some time for other things too.
Head of Meeting: Brilliant! Make a 2020 development plan announcement. Also, add that we will do more testing before releases.
Technical Team: Should we skip consoles too?
Head of Meeting: What about consoles?
Support Team: Tons of bugs and crushes periodically. Even, opening game sound crush it.
Head of Meeting: We will move into new engine. We do not have time for fixes.
Head of Meeting: Wait. Add into announcement that we will double the console workers. Increasing it to 2 from 1 is doubles it, right?


Basically, we are at where everything is started being ugly at player side. There are tons of things to say. However, no need to repeat them here again. They know all of them already. There is a video "Chris" (I hope I did remember the name correctly. If I am not, sorry. Imagine how long a break I took because of bugs, that even not sure if remembered name correctly LOL) explains how things are moving in background by management side or revenue side. There is nothing wrong for them thinking about revenue. This is a company to gain money at the end. However, there are sad facts for players in that video too. I did a quick search but I was not able to find it. Video was about Chris explaining numbers, facts, business model and so on. I believe some developer congress something. It was not ExileCon video for sure.

P.S.: Please, do not come with "this is f2p game" something. Even f2p is a business model. So, stop bs PLEASE. I just tried to make show something in funny way. No offense to anyone too.

sounds like a plan :D
Srsly tho , how many developers will post something like this and actually stick with it ? GGG deserves all the credit and more. Wish you a good year !
Great news Exile :D
Runslingan! The Power Of ~^S.W.E.D.E.N^~
Well, a lot of people (most of them) didn't have any problems with the game, so they can say that the game was enough tested...
The only announcement that I'm waiting for is the correction for the Map Stash Tab. I've paid for it and I haven't been playing in a month because I have inventory full of maps that I tried to transform one by one selling them, but I have too many and now I have inventory full and no Stash Tab to put them. I'll surelly not buy another Map Stash Tab!!!
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