Development Plan for 2020

Archie697 wrote:
Still waiting for that reworked Synthesis

Acemont wrote:
And please do not (DO NOT) realse Path of Exile 2 UNTILL. IT. IS. 1789%. READDY! Even if it will take 3+ years to make. I would much rather wait 3 years for THE BEST ARPG in the fucking wold, than year and a half + 2 months of bug fixes and additional content, that was not added, because "the game must be out right meaow!", ok?


Wish I could be more optimistic about this actually happening.

It won't happen. :(

So-called PoE 2 will also be released in an alpha state, because GGG thinks that is an OK thing to do.
I make eggs.
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A business with vision I like that
So is it 100% confirmed that the 4.0 release itself won't happen in 2020? That's good to know, but I'd also like to know as far in advance as possible when it's actually getting released since I've already worked out with my boss to have 3 weeks off when that happens.
Cashhiller wrote:
m3th0d1c4L wrote:
Cashhiller wrote:
For those of you complaining that things aren't being "tested" well enough. Please try to keep in mind that there are only so many people to test and they are only testing from their perspective. GGG simply cannot account for the many thousands of variables that a large community adds. Also this is a f2p game that isn't p2w, the developers have the mindset of creating good content and releasing it with as few bugs as possible. Simply jumping on the "GGG fix your game test your stuff" bandwagon doesn't do anything in fact simply not posting anything at all to make it easier to find constructive criticism would do the developers and the community more good =] and if you're doing it just to be mean remember what your mum taught you before she went out for smokes 7 years ago... "if you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all." -ur mum

the mentality "this game is free these guys are awesome" is extremely incorrect. i think its what causes this white knightism garbage.
the weekend player ya they dont spend much.
8k hours and 50 premium tabs later i have paid more for this game than any i own. like most diehards i have all the specialty tabs and 10 or more quads.
other various mtx

the last map stash tab bug i had to buy a additional stash tab while they "were working on it".

only to have the league end a week later and it was fixed.
so i continue to stack them full because hey they "fixed it".
so the new one i had 9k maps in one tab and over 4k in another. all stuck on "blight" maps. so it wont allow you to change series without emptying out the tab. where you put new maps? no choice but to spend HOURS vendoring maps. then where do you put 4k maps after you vendor to change the series of the map stash ?

i spent yesterday talking to support about it and got the canned response.
"our team is working on this..." pure bs. "we apologize for the inconvenience". they are super nice and probably have no say in the lack of care by the bug police. i hate it they have to take the abuse.
reminds me of the south park episode when the security guy was sending "cocoa and blankets" to people getting shot, robbed and raped.
i pointed out that the "super stash tab sell" that was going on looked like a sleazy practice of selling something that is defective on purchase and they know it.
if i owned this company instead of the support bots reading responses off of a sheet i would have each one of them manually go into the database and correct each persons stash tab until my super bug team was able to get enough coloring books and crayons together to come up with a plan.

unless you push the hell out of them the map stash tab bug fix will be the last day of the league. however im sure a 1 gig update for some silly mtx package is in the works.

love the game (8k hours) and im worried they are in trouble.
dont look like anyone is home. you get all excited about a promise post and piss your panties. based on what i seen lately they are promising another train wreck.

"white knightism garbage" did you just invent a new bad ism to prove that you can't read how I wasn't blindly defending GGG? I stated that constructive criticism would be far more useful then an empty call to arms such as "GGG fix your game". Thanks for your interest in my post though. Soz to hear about your Mum, hope she gets back soon. P.S. If you owned this company and used it's resources like that before long the servers wouldn't be up for people to worry about their stashes. Also roughly 20% of their player base plays standard, I assure you they do care that you are sad about the tab you payed money for. I'm sure they are working on it and I'm also sure it isn't an easy fix and as soon as it's ready in a world of finite resources I'm sure the fix will ship.


let me get in line to pat you on the back.
we'll make sure that Path of Exile remains the best Hardcore Action RPG.

Yeah everything was great until you decided to make the endgame boss easy i remember chris saying only %10 killed UE i want that game tbh not nerfing stuff to please reddit salty ppl i feel like GGG should take a stand on community relations rather than bowing on the sight of every angrypost stil you guys are the best
"fully tested"
That a joke .....
nice <3
Hard work

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