Development Plan for 2020

The future looks great for path of exile

I want to see Path of Exile Mobile succeed
"I didn't know we were making a pants simulator." - Chris Wilson
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Awesome, cant wait !
Like so many others, pleeease at least try 3 leagues for a year. And bring back shorter stuff in between. I know you don#t want to burn out people before a new league but you could do a 1 month from month 2.5 to 3.5 that maybe also counts for the league challenges if applicable. Then have no league for two weeks with only the daily hype posts.

I have been stingy with my monetary support because of the state of many recent leagues in the first weeks and I'm probably not alone in that and there is no metric to measure that effect other than trying something different.
... is not a troll
Awesome exiting!
minuskind wrote:
ACGIFT wrote:
Natalia_GGG wrote:
The timing of the expansions may vary by a week or two from last year's ones, as we work around various holidays/events and make sure that the bigger ones have enough time to be fully tested.

The consensus appears to be that in terms of "testing" for 3.9, GGG actually failed in a degree they never have before. The game has suffered from a number of effectively game-breaking bugs, with only partial relief seen in the 4 weeks since.

So, to see that the plan is to go "full steam ahead" and retain the exact same pacing is a huge disappointment. Y'all weren't trying to keep that sort of breakneck pace of a torrent of new content pre-3.0; you made an entire filler league (2.6/Legacy League) that hadn't even been planned, and even then, it lasted for FIVE MONTHS. And yet, post-3.0, the push was to make each new league be filled with FAR more new content & rewards (and, also, power creep) than anything pre-3.0.

Did it occur to anyone in charge that virtually all players who did Legacy League remember it fondly?

I'd think that, with this evidence in hand, GGG should've announced an "alteration of course," if "change in direction" sounded too extreme: scaling back the ambitiousness of each new league, to both ensure for better, less-buggy content, and to devote more resources to 4.0. Think on it for just a moment: you know you'd have at least just as many people cheering on the decision, spamming up your posts with one-word positive replies.

dude relax the game is for free, do not see much supporter titles on your account but complaining like a boss...i play ssf hc and did not suffer from any game breaking bug...and i play a lot. just saying

You play so much you didn't kill Sirus, nor a single guardian, and assembled only 15 metas in the lab. Of course you didn't experience any bugs if you barely did the endgame.
develop trade system please
"the Hardcore ARPG game..." you read, you saw it :-)

softcore no more WOOP!
I wonder if they'll ever tone down the particle effects I've heard that are underneath maps, more specifically Oriath? Seems like the game lags no matter what someone does, kill the sound, lower gfx as much as possible, still lags so bad that progression is not always easy due to bosses killing you while you're stuck in a lag spike or being 1 shot from offscreen when there's 0 mobs.
It{s cool and all but man you gotta fix how the sound is processed in game .
gibbousmoon wrote:


You can't handle four expansions per year.


Expansion are not leagues. League - testing of new content. Where you bought your account, if you still do not understand this, lol stop whining anyway
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