Development Plan for 2020

Please make Android client to have the same PC servers so we can continue our adventure while traveling or out of home, separate platforms without any connection to the core just going to split us more...
The level of free content in this game is just out of the world
keep it up <3
Natalia_GGG wrote:
and make sure that the bigger ones have enough time to be fully tested.

When you know it's going to be with the same thing no changes after seeing the damage control thread with performance back in blight..

hey dev's unless you somehow increase your elite testing club I don't think a few more days will change so much, it's good effort though..
Turning players into payers. Anti NPC-Echo chamber.

"I never say anything to provoke, but I do provoke to say something."

never take seriously any person that spends 600+ hours every single league.
Q.o.l. q.o.l. and more q.o.l. That's what I actually want, because... poe is a great game, but... seriously... q.o.l. q.o.l. q.o.l.
So here is the thing. A good chunk of feedback to this post is fair - take your time and test things. QA is one of the biggest things that each League need. Because, honestly - I will not kiss GGG's ass for "great QOL changes", that would be obvious, if, well I don't know... THEY WERE TESTED BY QA TEAM!

However. If last 4-6 (depending) 3.1.x patches will continue to bring us the type of content, that we saw in 3.9 - honestly - I will be hella happy. Because if you put aside the bugs and things with the Metamorph, that were "on the nose" (*khem* autopick-up of organs. *khem* verdor recipe. *KHEM* *KHEM* *KHEM* *KHEM* *KHEM* Sirus.) the League was just great. I mean hell - it is firts League EVER in which I got to 36 challenges. It was actually fun to see boss mechanics and actually fight bosses. And boy if I did - Elder, Shaper, Sirus - got 'em all.
And Conquerors are just AWESOME. The main point of awesomeness for them is - PESRONALITY. They taunt you, they admire you, they fear you. (Veritania for life. Love that girl) Not like the past 8 - that were just... THERE, I guess?
So keep that up. That is conten that I love. But for fuck sake take your time.

And please do not (DO NOT) realse Path of Exile 2 UNTILL. IT. IS. 1789%. READDY! Even if it will take 3+ years to make. I would much rather wait 3 years for THE BEST ARPG in the fucking wold, than year and a half + 2 months of bug fixes and additional content, that was not added, because "the game must be out right meaow!", ok?
And yeah - more actual Q.O.L. this year, please? That would be great.

P.S. - store Hideouts, that were ripped from the game (and should be IN THE GAME. As REWARDS) for 25$+ makes you look like shit. That it does. If you went "Shaper HO" path (1 can be obtained in-game, AND 1 from store) - that would make sence. But the way that you do Hideouts a.t.m. (*KHEM**KHEM**KHEM**KHEM**KHEM* Celestial Nebula *KHEM**KHEM**KHEM**KHEM**KHEM*) is just bad. Like - what in the actual fuck bad.
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im glad you managed to turn the tables around with Metamorph league. I almost gave up this league due to weird decisions and bugs! Welcome back and thanks for your hardwork!
3.9 Metamorph League SC CARRY Thread:
nice! gj ggg!
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