New Microtransactions and Super Stash Sale

And here I was talking about how badly I finally need to get this map stash... Now you are tempting me!
Having problem on Ps4, won't let me purchase Revenant weapon effect or wings....logged in onto the site here and they aren't even listed at all in any category?...curiouser is that i bought the Revenant character effect a week ago on Ps4 and now i can't purchase any other Revenant items. It isn't a problem with micro as i just bought stash tabs...????
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE
let us play zoomed out like that please! we would pay xD
So people pay 25$ for custom hideout, and they still have to start game in city? When will you finally add option to set hideout as main respawn area?
please fix your game instead of thinking you're at a fashion show.
Yea, I have to agree with the first reply... I do not want to pay $25 for that... it is way too small for that price.
DELVE - This is a great guide for finding fractured walls-

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Xystre wrote:
so you're finally charging and you want 25$ for the elder HO.

yeah no.

Should have been a free unlock considering how few people can get to the fight now.

Grossly greedy games is at it again.
If that HO was like a celestial one i would buy all elder fragments on the market.
But no, it would be too exciting and encouraging.

Here, few more ideas for next updates:
- Warlord's Hideout - 30$
- Redeemer's Hideout - 30$
- Hunter's Hideout - 30$
- Crusader's Hideout - 30$
- Awakener's Hideout - 40$

If you want to charge 25$ for eldritch hideout - don't sell a damn elder arena. Make an actuall hideout, there are so many options! Lioneye's Watch under elder's corruption, any other major town, you could expand arena into more zones, add portals like in celestial ho, add elder objects, like tentacles etc.
marchangsje wrote:
Is it possible to upgrade the default 5 stash tabs to premium?

I think so as I have no nonpremium tabs.

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