New Microtransactions and Super Stash Sale

Void HO ... wow so simple, so beauty

The most beautiful things are those that delight with their simplicity :)

I really like the helm with the glowing eyes in the darkness. Not such a fan for elemental-themed sets, though, as I feel like they kind of limit which builds I can use them with.
Nice HO.

Null Portal portal MTX when?
By the muscular golden arse of Innocence!

What in damnation have you done?!
Release on Ps4 ?
Also still waiting for the Sunprism Cat ?
Premium to Quad converter when
Need Death Knight mtx set.

Come on GGG, you pulled Clown fiesta mtx sets, surely you can pull Death Knight mtx.
Very nice looking armor , looks polished and very shiny , love the contrast with the environment.

The HO as well looks nice but the size - prize combination makes it not worth the buy. For that price tag would prefer something alot more elaborate or larger so you can really get creative with the HO. At the current price it's hard to justify the end result .

Would love to hear about the way HO are being monetized , how do you reach certain prices?

Overall I have to say that the HO monetization has been quite imbalanced , expected to focus on larger HO , or if you pick a small area like this one , to offer some expansion on it. Small ones like this make me thing a dev spent like a day to put together and just slapped 25 usd price on it.

Keep making amazing content , love the game and will continue to support you guys :)
Can the Void hideout be like... 30-50% bigger? It would be perfect then.
What's next ? Get any cave from the game and make it a ho ?

Straight out middle finger to players.
5WAYz -
LeagueSC SHOP -
BossKill - view-thread/2682159
I am very disapointed that you didnt make Elder hideout to be able to drop like Celestial. But I guess old GGG where you prefered what ppl want and make them grind stuff is slowly fading away. Now I better dont wanna know what "amazing" mtx will bring 4.0

Please give us something to grind, Sirus fight is as he says on start "Boring and small"

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