New Microtransactions and Super Stash Sale

Finally more Void MTX, instabuy
Let's hope GGG keeps it up in 2020
I literally bought a map stash tab not so long before you posted this, feels shit man.
So...cold themed bow MTX (which is cool) but no love for the actual cold bow (Nuro's Harp)? Also, can we have a Ground Slam MTX please?
So now we have 2 Ice bow MTX, but nothing for Fire or Lightning or any number of other themes. It's seriously hard to tell the difference between this new Ice bow MTX and the existing one (Arctic Crystal Bow). Ice Crystal bow is a very narrow niche to double down on.
Very small hideout?
small asf hideout with that price, ouch.

neat armor set, bow/quiver looks nice
Is it possible to upgrade the default 5 stash tabs to premium?
No new costumes will I buy,
No matter how much 3G's shall try,
That's cause my maps are toast,
You left me in a pit to roast.
Fix the broken tabs if you please,
Wanting more money is the height of sleaze.
Does that hideout have a futher out camera zoom?
Damn, you could have done so much with that Elder vibe. Missed opportunity.

And I'd like Ground Slam and Ice Crash MTX. Since old Ground Slam became Tectonic Slam (and I like the old one better). And Ice Crash is just too flashy.
Would be really nice to replace these white flashes with something more pleasant and not so painful for my eyes.
Put on your red shoes and dance the blues.

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