New Microtransactions and Super Stash Sale

ty ggg for ur work and for many fixes! <3 ty!
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So... $25 for a tiny hideout that's just a clone of an existing arena. That's even more than the $20 for the "Shaped" Hideout which is basically the same thing.

Also, anyone else noticed that this is now the second map tab sale in a row during a period where we can't use the "update all" button? Do remember that for those with thousands of maps on Standard, buying a whole new tab is the only way to get use of a tab for the new series, as otherwise we don't have a place to put all our maps as we empty our existing tab and vendor them to the new series, one inventory at a time.

All this money-grubbing makes me wonder if the game's doing so well...
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I'd like to see a MTX for DOminating Blow which fits to the herald of purity effects :3 Please
Absolutely disgusting that you have a stash tab sale on when in standard, we cannot even use our PAID for map tab.

We cannot empty our tabs and convert them over as shaped maps cannot be removed!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We paid for a feature that doesn't work, is broken, is bricked and after a month!!!!!!!!!!!, is not fixed.

Disgusting service. You alienate, and ignore the overwhelming MAJORITY of your players each and every season (nerf's), you fail to QA only to release a sub par product with game ruining exploits and then wonder why you've lost the support of your player base.

And here I was talking about how badly I finally need to get this map stash... Now you are tempting me!

Don't waste your money, it'll only work for 3 months then get bricked and not fixed and you can never use it again.
Last edited by Diablo_4_ever on Jan 10, 2020, 5:12:38 PM
looks nice .. to much money ...
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The new bow and quiver look amazing. Sometimes I feel like GGG can already predict or know the meta before a new league starts and just cater the new mtx around that because they know most of the player base will be playing that build and will probably buy mtx for it as well. Maybe not, but it seemed that way in the past with last league zombies being the meta and zombie mtx coming out. It could just be coincidence though. Not that there's anything wrong with that either, because I love getting new mtx for the meta that I play each new league. Tinfoil hat aside, I think the bow and quiver look pretty damn amazing, the cold snap armour looks decent as well
Khajit has wares... If you have coin...
Just puchased a couple of days ago, like 5 premium quad stash tabs lol ..: D
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told my friend that they will use elder arena to be hideout but he didn't believe, haha

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