3.9.2 Patch Notes

too little too late
So nothing about fixing the bugs where you run 30+ red maps and conqueror's still won't spawn influence.

Or likewise 20+ maps once you already have influence, but no conqueror spawning.

So... I've ran about 30+ red maps and haven't seen a elder slayer spawn yet sup with that?
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Re-straightened the curved paths on the world map.

I can sleep in peace now :D
"Changed the behaviour of the storms so they no longer pursue the player or their minions. Instead they more organically maneuvere the arena in a way that should cause more openings to travel around freely while still applying some limitation."

???? They don't follow you anymore? So we depend on rng to set where we fight Sirius? Seems like a bad idea or I didn't understand that...
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Happy with the changes made but I'm not sure if it will be better or worse to have storms randomly moving now. Might end up being better being able to control them. I guess time will tell.

I still think that spawning Sirus is kinda of drawn out and annoying and having killed him a number of times now at awakener level 8 the loot seems pretty underwhelming. I know he can drop really good things and maybe I am just unlucky but I have yet to get a single valuable drop from him and i think at level 8 with the time it takes to spawn him you should rewarded for that.
Good patch. Thanks guys. :)
Looks good -- ty!
can't wait to test those change ... especially black storm change.
To clarify regarding:

The Awakener has been decreased to level 81 from 84 at Awakening levels 1 to 5, increasing by one for each additional Awakening level. He is still level 84 at Awakening level 8, and this only affects the item levels of his drops.

Does this mean the amount of drops, drops available, and "quality" of drops (regarding rarity) are flat across Awakener levels 1-8? Eg., is it as likely to get a saviour or awakened gem at level 1 as it is at level 8?

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