3.9.2 Patch Notes

Any news on scaling metamorphs hp down a little in t15/16 maps sometimes feels insanely high then when you get ES ones on top it seems a tad overkill on the life-pool.
I am literally stuck at AL 5 because these stupid conquerors that I still need their watchstones in certain areas JUST WON'T SPAWN AT ALL

Is this another "seed" thing? How can your fucking garbage randomizer algorithm end up creating fatal situations like these at all? It shouldn't.

To add insult to injury I now, in the span of 50 fucking maps, have managed to spawn 2 elderslayers of which I ALREADY GOT THE WATCHSTONE of.

Really great thing to turn the atlas completion into a gigantic task.

Also really great to confuse the hell out of me with every stupid map being every stupid tier possible or only showing up on atlas if you got enough stones fit in that area so that it's a constant struggle to even know where the FUCK you are at regarding map completions.

Oh and the awakened map completions on top?! WHAT A GREAT ADDITION MAN.

Can't wait to complete maps 5 times in POE 3

How do you even consider releasing POE 2 if you can't even get POE 1 right.

I know my rant is edgy. I don't care. These issues are real. A lot of us are getting buttfucked by these issues. Nolifers going hard 24/7 not so much because evidently the more you play the more you get done. But the average joe that I am is utterly UTTERLY overwhelmed with the constant bullshit.

Rant over.
I love you GGG, pog fixes.
I really had my hopes up for this patch but seems like we are in for a complete and utter disapointment.

Most of the big issues have not been addressed.
The Stairs/Maze combination will still fuck you up.
Those idiotic storms will still make it hard/impossible to even get back to the fight. Generally they will most likely be even more of a pain now than they used to seeing as they now move randomly. At least they were controlable to some extent before.
The boss still has more invulnerbility phases than any halfway interesting fight should ever have
The shitty RNG to even spawn bosses is still there, so are all the bugs causing people to be unable to spawn conquerers at all
And finaly, the maptab, which we all paid money for, is still a useless piece of junk as he is completely incompatible with the current atlas, finding maps for specific reasons is a huge pain.

Honestly GGG your priorities are completely off and you are addressing shit nobody ever complained about. Like the damage of Sirus attacks was already shit, with half decent defenses you didn't even have to bother dodging most of them and now they are even lower? What's the point of that? 90% of my deaths in that fight have been because of storms.

Literally the only good part of those patch notes is the improved visibility for his ground degens, though even that remains to be seen if it's really an improvement.
Well, it's a start.

At least they released *something*
So because of bad league design we have to scarify time from 3 maps to get one random organ?? This is a Joke.
Almost out of Beta, bad ass
Haakhi wrote:
I love you GGG, pog fixes.

Pog fixes?? Do you actually play this game???
Hey I might make a return now.
NO Map Stash fix, are you kidding the standard-community ?

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