3.9.2 Patch Notes

Added required tier for Perandus, Vinktar and Doryiani maps, so they can now be completed for awakened bonus objective.

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How about the bugs that have my wife and I unable to progress on two different accounts (in standard)? Like where you've done the first Atlas quest in a group, but can't put Zana in your hideout? Or where the Elderslayers just refuse to appear and taunt?
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hornypig wrote:
GGG should just delete Sirus from game and pretend it never happened... Its just a SHAME..

Fixed DirectX 11 implementation that would use too much memory. Affecting mainly Windows 7 users, and Windows 10 users with old GPUs.

i hope its finally a fix, thanks!
The upcoming fix will fail. Things will continue but without me. I've had it.
By the time you release this damn patch my finals will be over and there is no reason to play it unless i am running away from my responsibilities. I will be passing all my classes thanks to you damn it.
Why can't you have the week or two before a new league be a "beta phase" so that many of these bugs can be worked out sooner rather than over a month into the league? I mean... I only put a couple hours at most into each day on this game and I could report nearly all of these bugs. It's a real shame when the first month to month and a half are all about balancing the league mechanic.

By the time it's fully playable or in some cases not at all, synthesis, then we're onto the next league and you hardly get to enjoy the mechanic from the last league. I'm sure the streamers will be glad to help out in this regard as they're basically all but done with the current league by the time the third month rolls around.
Dex8172 wrote:
VenomBlad3s wrote:
The single most important thing is not even mentioned, the conquerors are supposed to have a 33% chance to proc after you find them initially, yet it is very common having to run 20+ maps to get a single proc....

I'm completely baffled this issue wasn't even acknowledged by GGG so far. There are two topics with 20+ pages total on bugs forum about it, and many players are completely stuck.


At least curved lines are fixed, lol.

Please address this GGG. Please.
and what about some COMPENSATIONS for those bugged spawns WASTED

sure thats not gonna happen, probably unless we buy a new premium "compensations stash tab"
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When I sell 3 organs it gives me scroll fragments, how does it work?

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