Happy New Year! A 2019 retrospective

Jerle wrote:
Happy new year to devs and all!

the 2020 more positive version
Happy nes year and thx for everything
G.G.G. is AwEsOmE
Happy New year all att ggga nd their fams incl all exiles and fams etc.

All the best for the next :)

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happy new year!... again

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Fix map conversion *and* restore my maps or roll back my map tab. No more support otherwise.
happy new year @ all *hicks* :-)
Happy new year GGG. Thanks to have given us this pearl called PoE.

Happy New Year to everyone at GGG!
still sad I can't get the synthesis brimmed hat
Natalia_GGG wrote:
  • We remastered the existing Path of Exile soundtrack and updated it with new music.

I almost forgot to address this entirely, but... That's quite the spin.

AFAIK, only some of the existing tracks by Kamil Orman Janowski were re-arranged, and there actually wasn't any new "mastering" (which specifically refers to the engineering and processing of audio feeds) done.

Moreover, post "remaster," the PoE OST actually got smaller, because all of Adgio Hutchings' tracks were purged. We went from 10 town musics to 5 (as now Part I and Part II now just use the same tracks) and many other things where now everything feels same-y, where a lot of places/events that previously had different tracks now have one. For example:

  • The fights of Piety & Dominus; previously each had their own distinctive theme, now have one shared, generic theme.

  • Zones like the Chamber of Sins had its own creepy, ambient music, vs. a a more dire, menacing (and very distinctive) theme for the Lunaris Temple. Now... Both have the same grumbly track.

  • The Temple of Atzoatl used to have its track be unique, that stood out in its way fitting of an ancient treasure hoard, while other vaal zones were split between two separate tracks; the "Vaal Ruins" for the less-threatening, more mysterious side, and the "Shadow of the Vaal" theme for the more menacing darkness of the pyramid. Now... All 3 share the same track.

A LOT of people objected to this "same-y" feel when it came out, and it's kinda clear the attitude was to expect players to eventually forget about it. :/

Amarantha wrote:
To Chris I just have one thing to say: ExileCon 2, when?

Safe to say it probably won't happen until after 4.0 comes out, and there's more to announce.
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Happy new year GGG! Still here with you (even though I have a lot less time now). You came a long way from where I took my first steps in Wraeclast.

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