Happy New Year! A 2019 retrospective

Happy new year! Happy xmas and TY all ! TY GGG!
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Happy New Year Exiles!
Happy new year and all t best in 2020 to all of u at GGG and also to all exiles;)
"There is only one true god in PoE and that is Greed... "

I don’t need anger management, I need people to stop pissing me off!
🅰🅻🅸🅽 ::: ! ♥ PoE ツ 👌 :::
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How many mirrors dropped I wonder?
Wow! All that and trading is still as shitty as ever. WTF is wrong with Chris and company that they never want to make trade better. And for the record, BETTER isn't synonymous and doesn't have to equate with TOO EASY.
"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
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Thanks dude. May this year 2020 will be Beneficial for Us.

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