Happy New Year! A 2019 retrospective

Happy New Year !
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2020 will be an exciting year. See you soon in Path of Exile mobile :-)

We Convoke Nebular Dimensions
As Real As The Realms We Ride
With None Above
And None At Side
Happy new year ! ^^
Thanks <3
You failed to mention that you don't play your own game:
- everything is out of balance
- build variety is dead
- path of dork souls
- loads of bugs

And you also failed to mention how you managed to piss off a large junk of a loyal playerbase.

Happy 2020.

We set a record number of players online (224,000 on our server alone).
Around 8.7 million players played Path of Exile on our international realm this year.

what does it mean "our server alone" and "international realm" what's the difference here?

if its 224k per server and there are about 10-15 of them, is it usually like 1M players online?
Happy New Year!!!
IGN: HardyHard_FireFly

Big thx GGG for this great game :)
i believe they don't have direct control of the chinese poe servers
All my LOVE to you.
Happy new year GGG
Happy New Year! I am so ready for POE2
Today, Wraeclast offers me a new life, written not by birth, nor family, nor society.

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