Tyrs Paladium is Hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds' Guild"

Tyrs Paladium is bent on becoming a household name in POE.

We don't want to be known as the biggest, we actually can care less about that. We WILL not in fact be too big. We like that fact that everyone can get to know everybody. And that will NEVER CHANGE.

We just yearn to be best MID SIZED tight knit no drama OLD SCHOOL guild of adventurers over the age of 30 years of age.

That's our niche. And Camaraderie is our PASSION.

** We will make rare exceptions to the age minimum if we feel strongly that you will fit in.
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3 days of recruiting.... and the most genuine adventure gamers have found us.

They come from so many different games: WOW... DDO... ESO... Guild Wars 2.... Bard's Tale... just to name a tiny portion... just a nugget.

We like!!

Annabolix - Zombiemancer, HermioneDangerr, Tsalian, Zerostorm, Big Fat Mattie, MoreGhouls, Miss_Tinial, Palamonia, and WrEcKiTaGoNy are our new recruits and we just feel DOWNRIGHT BLeSSED!

Welcome to Tyrs Paladium!!
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Looks good, I'll send an app
Tyrs is GOIN' STRONG! If you've never experienced a guild before, and are wondering what all you "have to do" to join such a guild, its pretty EASY, especially for the right type of personality.

We are the guild where the typical A-hole, elitist, and/or egomaniac has no say. In fact, they can't even function in our guild.

We are the guild of the team player, the player who wants to socialize amongst friends, or the loner who is shy and doesn't talk much.

We are the guild where you can be as green as ivy or extremely well versed in the game. We are the guild where all these playstyles intermingle, both for entertainment, as well as for success.

We are the 30-70s+ guild. We were here at the dawn of the computer world, and we'll be here when Grinding Gear Games closes the last server on the last day. We are here to have FUN and share FUN playing POE.

Head over to our site. Check out those nifty guild rules! If you like what you see - fill out an application over at the scenic Tyrs Recruitment Outpost and see what comes of it. We are quite selective, and we're proud of that.

Looking forward to meeting those looking for old school guild camaraderie in February and March!!
Well we are OFF TO THE RACES!

I'm blown away with the fine people we've met and to think it's JUST the BEGINNING.

The past ten days I've had my 50th birthday party.. and met these freiking AWESOME new recruits!! Welcome to Tyrs Paladium all!

Toxic Rain Pathfinder

In Tyrs, you get to play among good people who play to have fun. The character we seek is a unique blend, you either have it, or you don't.

We got it all day and night.

If you think you'd be a good fit, and you care about playing hard, having fun, but never leaving your guildie behind, hit me up in the thread, personal message, or in game.

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Are YOU an Old School D&D player? Ever roll dice? Ever play the Balder's Gate series? Did you ever play Pool of Radiance, Dark Queen of Krynn, or Curse of Azure Bonds? Ever heard of TSR or SSI? A legendary Game Master called Gary Gygax, perhaps?

Then Tyrs Paladium is interested in talking with you!

Did you ever wish POE was MORE than just a solo game?

Well it IS in good company!

Head on over to our website, and read our guild rules carefully. They are strictly enforced. For the enjoyment of our members, drama will not be tolerated.


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Welcome to Tyrs Paladium Doomslothxiv !!
Here here! Welcome to Tyrs Paladium WookieSaviour and Maccabeans !!!

Click here for a cool VIDEO:


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Welcome to our humble abode faeriefire !!

When the league ends.... Tyrs Paladium is just getting started!

When do we end? WE DON'T.

Tyrs is for adults. Moms, Dads, Grandmas and Grandfathers.

Folks with JOBS, or those retired, or disabled. Those fully able-bodied, or those who have accessibility challenges. Real life comes first in our guild.

If you are 30+, chances are you truly understand balancing family, work and your free time. We do to.
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