Tyrs Paladium is Hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds' Guild"

Do you want to be a part of something REALLY special? ***

Tyrs Paladium is a legendary drama free, 30+ yr old (most guildies are mid 35-65 yrs +) guild that is celebrating our 12th year by pitching a tent in Path of Exile! We were founded in 2008. We are an American guild with an international/Euro flavor. And we need YOUR HELP, to give us a running start. We support STANDARD, the current league Metamorph, as well as all future leagues!

The Tyrs Paladium Website:

Sign up here! https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/?site_game_id=185834

Demographics: We are looking for Americans and Eurozone players who are:

* seeking great adventure and camaraderie with like-minded players.
* looking for an old school NO DRAMA GUILD.
* who enjoys TEAMWORK.

We have one of the most active guild websites there is, created by and for guildies only. On this site, you could find plenty of game tips in the Tyrs Library, sign up for scheduled events in the Tyrs War Room, shoot the sh!t in the Tyrs Tavern, or listen to our esoteric MP3 player in the Tyrs Mosh Pit! And that’s only a mere taste of Kargon’s Tasty ham! You will ALWAYS find good times and a helping hand in Tyrs Paladium.

We are a decent sized guild, yet we run it tight knit. We believe in helping each other, and most of all having as much fun as possible while we play.

"We play hard, laugh hard, and play it old school, with much respect to the camaraderie found in tabletop D&D of years past."

If you’d like to join, post here and head over to our site, read our guild rules and fill out an application.

HELP BUILD UP OUR PATH OF EXILE CHAPTER FROM THE GROUND UP... and REST ASSURED you've got the support of one of the most sought after guilds for OLD SCHOOL GAMERS.


Co-Founder Tyrs Paladium

We enforce our drama free policy.

*** Upon joining us, you are a valued member ON DAY ONE. You can speak with officers, leaders, the guild founders - and we recommend it! Likewise we ask you to PARTICIPATE in our vibrant camaraderie on the Tyrs forums and in-game! Be SURE to fill out an INTRO THREAD in our Roster & Recruitment section of our guild website.

PS: We also have a contingent of current military and veterans. We are a patriotic guild, and are proud of it! We always appreciate and remember our heroes who fight for freedom all over the World, regardless of country of origin. We sincerely thank you. /salute

(Naturally, you do not need to have served to join our guild. We just like to appreciate those who risk their lives to protect our freedoms that we enjoy, and to remember those who gave it all.)

We are proud sponsors of FOLDS of HONOR, Homes for Our Troops and the AbleGamers Foundation.

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Our playstyle? Simple, we play a relaxed game, together. We are looking for those who appreciate old school D&D values of the founding fathers mentioned below, such as camaraderie, good adventure, challenge, and most especially FUN! We pride ourselves on being well prepared, and working together to achieve a common goal. We will teach anyone willing to learn.

As of this date, YOU will be coming in and experiencing POE with a NEW CHAPTER of a guild that knows what they are doing. The lights are on, and the gate is open...

'Ode to the great Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. R.I.P. (Roleplay In Peace.)

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1. No drama. If you are found intentionally creating or maintaining conflict or discomfort between players, you will be removed. However, reporting a problem is not drama.

2. Only guild leadership can remove players from the guild. If there is an issue, bring it to your leaders.

3. Please use your IGN (In Game Name) or one of your character names as your Tyrs forum name. Current members, please do not change your name.

4. Please post an intro in the Roster and Recruitment section of this website, and add your characters to the Roster.

5. Please post your birthdays on this site, just so we can embarrass you with big birthday announcements. :D

6. Be courteous and respectful. This costs you nothing and goes a long way.

7. Religion/Politics: Please avoid these topics in general chat and guild chat, as they can cause unnecessary conflict.

8. YOU DO NOT LEAVE PEOPLE BEHIND! That means 'no zerging', whether we're exploring areas or doing a structured mission. We run at the pace of the slowest person in the party. We support and encourage beginners.

9. Guild comes first. If you’re assembling a party, ask your guildies if they want to join in before soliciting other party members.

10. We do not exploit the game! If you are caught intentionally cheating, you will be removed from the guild.

11. NO DISCRIMINATION! As a non-biased guild, Tyrs Paladium is committed to being a safe, welcoming space for all players. If you act or speak in a way that demeans or diminishes other people, you will be removed. This includes, but is not limited to, disrespect based on race, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, national origin, age, or disability.

12. If you have to log off or leave your keyboard while in a party, please clearly communicate this to other party members. This is a matter of respect and courtesy. Remember that your actions reflect on the guild as a whole, especially in PUGs (pick-up groups).

13. Do your best to be active in the guild community. You do not have to participate in everything, but please look for ways to contribute, in guild chat, on the website, and by participating in events when possible.

14. Real life comes first.

15. We at Tyrs Paladium take pride in our dedication to be inclusive of all types of gamers, regardless of ability. We have many members who are able to play and enjoy the game in spite of physical, cognitive and communication impairment. Please keep this in mind when playing. You never know who is behind the character you are talking to or playing with in game.

We are proud supporters of the Able Gamers Foundation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nzUpU8CCEhY

16. This website and any third party voice chat channels are extensions of the guild. All rules apply here, in all chat forums, and in game.

17. Insubordination will NOT be tolerated. Joking/goofing around is OK, but once it goes past a certain point, it will not be tolerated. Malicious or disrespectful treatment of other players (including criticism based on their game knowledge or skill level) is unacceptable.

18. Please use appropriate names. Some very vulgar and offensive things will get through the name filter. They will not be tolerated in Tyrs.

19. Dual/Multi-boxing (playing two accounts simultaneously and potentially hindering a group effort) is not permitted, unless the group knows you are doing this and approves. You may be logged on to multiple accounts if a group effort is not affected and game rules are not being broken.

20. Last but not least, HAVE FUN!!!!

To the great adventures ahead,

Commodore & Paks
Tyrs Paladium Guild Founders
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Welcome to our first Tyrs recruit, MelonMeta!

aaaaaand #2!! Welcome to Tyrs Paladium Karnus_Bellona!

Be sure to read our Orientation thread then go an intro on our guild website ... no better way to break the ice!

ORIENTATION POST: https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/forum_threads/3168278?last_or_unread=true

POST AN INTRODUCTION HERE: https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/forums/2193314

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Tyrs Paladium continues to seek bright minds that are interested in joining a group of like-minded warriors that choose to run together. That means sticking together in quest and no zerging. We play hard and laugh hard, never leave another guildie behind and never hold a quest or raid to a higher standard than one of our guildies.

We do not hire based on tenure in the game. We simply seek those that wish to be a part of a guild who's main goal is practicing day in and day out the fun and legendary camaraderie D&D was founded upon.

You will find all sorts of goodwill here in Tyrs, from the moment you join. We don't just say we are a no-drama guild, we actually ensure it !

Seek me out in game or post here and let me know if you seek something really fun and different, something more than "just another guild."

You can read our guild rules and if you think they are fair fill out an application on our guild forum and I'll be sure to read it over and send an invite if we think you'd be a good fit.

And oh yeah... let's

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Welcome to TYRS to our 3rd recruit in three days... Kensu !!

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Hi there,

Keen on joining, am 36 and from the UK. Is there a form I need to fill in at all?

Hi there,

Keen on joining, am 36 and from the UK. Is there a form I need to fill in at all?


Well met IceInferno!

Yes, but it's fun and worth every second :) LOVE the UK!!! We always have a loyal EU contingent and some of our longest and most loyal Tyrs members dating back 10 years are from the UK. So you won't be our token Brit for long -- I promise ya!! :) Hahaha

Here is our guild website:


Basically just read the guild rules and if you think they are fair, fill out the application. I'll get to it asap TODAY!

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Today is our first OPEN ENROLLMENT DAY...

Im sitting here waiting to read your app, while drinking Yoo Hoo and rolling dice! Haha Sorry I'm all out of Mountain Dew & Ellios pizza!

So the most popular question I get when I do one of these recruitment events is this:

-- "If I get accepted into Tyrs Paladium -- WHAT DO I DO NEXT??"

Well, as my bard would say, it's as easy as 1.. 2...3!

FIRST STEP: Create an intro thread on our guild website. There's no better way to break the ice! People WILL GREET YOU! Here is the link https://tyrspaladium.shivtr.com/forums/2193314

SECOND STEP: Please add your characters to the ROSTER (menu option)! You'll be using them to sign up for scheduled content in the Tyrs War Room!

COMMUNICATION. We'd like to see you be able to join in on guild groups at your earliest convenience. NO EGOS or ELITISM here. So Sign up to scheduled guild content... or create your own event! USE OUR FORUMS and participate daily/weekly -- whenever you can! THIS is where that legendary Tyrs camaraderie you heard about will be born in Path of Exile!!
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Rome may not have been built in a Day, but the Dream was!

I am proud to welcome Logolura to Tyrs Paladium this fine morning!

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