Tyrs Paladium is Hiring! "The 30-70+ Year Olds' Guild"

Welcome Queen Nagafen and HoooAmEye to Tyrs!
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Announcing our first MEET & GREET this Wednesday evening at 9PM EST for GUILDIES who've joined us since launching officially in Path of Exile on January 1st (We scouted the game for appx a year and really like what we saw.)

We are IN this together... and on the prowl for anyone who cherishes a no drama environment where we run and chat together, and everyone knows everybody.


WHEN: Wednesday January 8, 2020.
WHERE: Tyrs Paladium Discord
WHY: To break the ice, learn about our guild of hungry exiles!!

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Tyrs is finishing our first recruitment week STRONG!

We are thrilled to welcome ShadedBones, NecroPono, Damrum, and Cyclonesnotbadatall to our growing and already LETHAL fam of exiles!

All the Exiles Dance for the Mississippi Queen...



Leslie West – Vocal, Guitar
Felix Pappalardi – Vocals, Bass
Corky Laing -- Drummer
Steve Knight -- Keyboards

Do we know how to rock or what?! When the bard says DANCE...

.... there's only one thing to do. STEP STEP.. REAL SMOOTH...

Click here for the VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/embed/dqTWD28ykaY

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It's a New Day!

And we are proud to welcome Asnial, Ball lightning miner, and IrishPlague to our guild.

Welcome to Tyrs Paladium!!

Take heart fellow adventurers, for you have curried the favor of Boo, the only miniature giant space hamster in the Realm!

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Ravingod and MetaMinerDude are the newest members of our guild on a shining hill!

Welcome to Tyrs Paladium!

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Yep, we are Old School. And proud of it.

This is TSR before they were cool, before they were fools.

Many in Tyrs have played pen & paper D&D for many years, and some still do.

We accept all different player levels into Tyrs, from new to multi-year POE vets. Yet, we are quite selective who we choose. We are looking for people who want to learn, and want to give back to others in the guild. We seek veterans who share our style of play to share and teach newer players. We seek those that want to be part of a tight band of brothers and sisters.

Are you an old school gamer? New to POE? Play PnP and/or D&D like video games before or currently?

Or, you may be one of the truly brave, such as a current or former member of the military from your country.

In Tyrs, you get to play amongst good people who play to have fun. The character we seek is a unique blend, you either have it, or you don't.

If you think you'd be a good fit, and you care about playing hard, having fun, but never leaving your guildie behind, hit me up in the thread, personal message, or in game.
So who's next? Let's dance shall we?

We grew again today. We welcome our two newest recruits, Daywaster and Zakien!
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Another day older, feeling the bliss & enjoying the ride! Welcome to Tyrs Paladium SlopJock!

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