Remembering 2019

Bring Back synthesis into core. It would make all 5 of us that really likes it very happy. no need for everyone to like it to be in the game.

For me its like delve but more interesting!
Who the hell is Nana?
It's definitely been an interesting year & happy new year to everyone! ***Cough***

Where are the eyeball drops in Metamorph GGG? Only 2 have dropped for me all league, like come on, quit being silent on this and make an even distribution of organ parts to drop. I'm sure most dont need 231247698234 brains, lungs, livers, and hearts...

come on please fix this mechanic, You made a laboratory for a reason RIGHT?!?
thep10xer wrote:
Remembering 2019 PoE

Melee Rework, which outside of cyclone, still no one plays melee

Bow Buffs, which barely anyone plays still

Synthesis was a disaster of a mechanic

metamorph, still almost no eyes dropping

Conquerors of the atlas, RNG spawns and a final boss fight Riddled with fight breaking bugs.

Still waiting for these bug fixes. week 3

1. Plenty of people play Melee. Most people want to play Meta though.

2. Bow is the second most used weapon type right now, but ofcourse you know what you're talking about. (You are literally playing with a Bow right now...)

3. Synthesis was a great mechanic, it just took too long to fix bugs that should have been patched sooner.

4. Yeah, droprate could be better, but there are means of getting them.

Try a different attitude for New years, you'll feel better.
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Wish I started playing this game earlier so I could get that Synthesis Brimmed Hat! :(
happy new year!

edit: soon.. almost here
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Fix map conversion *and* restore my maps or roll back my map tab. No more support otherwise.
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Synthesis was my favorite league ever. A pity it started as buggy as it did, and now everyone hates it to the point it is the briefest mention in the video.

Other than that, great year. Thanks, GG, keep up the good work.
Diablo 2: Lord of Destruction will always be my favourite ARPG of all time. However, you're a close second my friend. Love you Chris, love all of you at GGG. Thanks for another great year.
rip my shaped atlas
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The fuck was that at 30 seconds in? That looked so badass. I've never seen anything like that in the game.

Edit: Just realized there was PoE 2 stuff in there. Was that a teaser? It definitely wasn't shown at Exilecon.
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