[3.13 UPDATED] gr0bbs | Poison Blade Vortex | Budget Viable | Endgame 50Mil+ DPS | Video Guide

satancukcan wrote:

you are using a % crit cold iron point its useless for the build you need a % increased dmg over time tho.

You couldn't be more wrong.

We use the Cold Iron Point for its +3 level mod. BV scales extremely well with gem level, better than with gear. The "dmg over time" implicit is a corruption. And though it's better than the crit implicit, it's not necessary. It's for endgame, if you can't change anything else on your gear anymore. In addition, the crit implicit is global not local, so we DO benefit from it.
i started this league with the build
played it abit the last leagues too
nd i wouldnt play it again it doesnt feel great anymore
idk what was in previous leagues ... a play maxblock glad ... but for ultimate its not bad too ... yeallow maps and guards die fast ... now 88
How about Perfect Agony? Why not use it?

dehogynem wrote:
How about Perfect Agony? Why not use it?

Look at the flasks. Coralito´s Signature gives Perfect Agony and normally has enough uptime.
I'm using this build as starter. cleared sirus A8, the formed and the twisted.
I'm still not used to fight maven in melee range, tried 1 maven and bricked it.
But for mapping, this build is still amazing.

Tips: Roll Players' Vaal Skills do not apply Soul Gain Prevention sextant if you want GG clear, unlimited Vaal BV
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Whats best cluster jewels to use??

Large and medium please.
Right now I have a lack of dps/defences vs concquerors/Sirus, I cannot afford cluster jewels and awakened gems for now... too expensive and I don't make a lot of currencies. For maps my dps is enough but I die often, before to spend a lot of money I'd like to know if Kintsugi + Replica Mist Wall is a really good option and worth it ?
I'm thinking about to use flame dash + arcane surge for a little more dps but after I have no ideas.
Could you in theory throw Corrupting Fever on some links aswell? or can a monster not have 2 different dots?
What's head hunter belt like with this build? Worth buying?

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