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Sverrath wrote:
hyrenfreak wrote:
I see on the written guide it says to use Cast when damage taken level 1 . Steelskin level 10 . Stone Golem MAX LEVEL . Blood Rage in boots but in the pob it says to use, cwdt - ic - precision - withering step. Which is the right setup atm?

I was wondering the exact same thing. I run a CWDT+Steelskin on a cyclone champion but I'm not sure here which is best.

There are some differences between the PoB stuff and this guide, I would like to know which one is up to date too. I'm currently leveling this guy but I like it a lot so far, but I'm not 100% sure which gems to use when I will be lvl 80+

Depends on what you prefer. I'm playing with CWDT + IC + Withering Step + Void Sphere.

Was going with this for my Ultimatum starter. But not sure is it still viable after the Poison and BV nerfs?

Can anyone confirm this build still works for clearing? I like zoom zoom playstyle :)
What nerfs we got? Anyone post it here please, I'm on a small phone atm and it's hard to look for..cheers for this build enjoying it.
- no more Flesh and Stone-Aura, unless we specc into reserved Mana reduction. It reserves 35% instead of 25% now
- no more poison sextant mod, which really SUCKS if you played self-poisoning. On the other hand, they created a new unique item which gives that mod to you (though not as insane as the sextant mod). Let's wait what that item will be like
- less Blade Vortex damage, though we'll have to wait for the Patch Notes to see how much less.

Worst change imho is the change to the explode chest modifier. Mobs no longer explode with 100% chance for 4%, now they have a CHANCE to explode for 10%. This will reduce our clear speed significantly, depending on how high the explode chance is. If we want a higher chance, we'll have to invest in different items, e.g. the cluster jewel explode-mod, which reduces our damage for the sake of clear speed.

This league will still be a pretty good league starter i think. Stuff like explode-chest and poison sextant mod is endgame stuff. So it probably won't be as strong as it used to be in the endgame. Still decent for league start.
Thank you sir horned terrorist.

Looks like I will have to adjust my precision so I can still run sand stance

My explode chest may not be as good but I run binos knife and explode chest for clear so I might be ok still.

Hopefully blade vortex is not nerfed Into the ground but it looks like my poison blade vortex build has taken abit of a nerf unfortunately, would like to know what Grobbs will say after patch notes has I have mostly copied his build and have been having a blast so far.
There's always the possibility to socket an "Intuitive Leap" next to the "Perfect Agony" Keystone. That way, you can skill 2xReduced mana reservation and the "Method to madness" node. Alternative: Get a Diadem with the "90% mana multiplier" corruption later into the league. Or combine both.

We'll have to wait for the patch notes to really be sure, how much this build will suffer. But as said, i'm 99% sure that this build will STILL be viable as league starter. It is insanely cheap for it's power level, so it is kinda justified for it to get nerved.
Blade Vortex

Now has a base duration of 4 seconds (previously 5 seconds).
Now has a radius of +2 at gem level 20 (previously +4).
Now has added damage effectiveness of 20% (previously 25%).
Now deals 86 to 129 Physical Damage at gem level 20 (previously 101 to 151).

Vaal Blade Vortex

Now deals 11 to 17 Physical Damage at gem level 1 (previously 14 to 20), and 276 to 413 Physical Damage at gem level 20 (previously 331 to 496).
Now has added damage effectiveness of 60% (previously 75%).
Now hits enemies every 0.2 seconds (previously 0.13).
Now has a base duration of 5 seconds (previously 3).
Now stores up to 2 uses (previously 1).
Now has a Soul Gain Prevention duration of 6 seconds (previously 5).

The Sextant modifier which granted "Players deal x% increased Damage for each Poison on them", "Players have x% increased Movement Speed for each Poison on them" and "Areas contain x additional packs of Poisonous Monsters" has been removed.

The Cluster Jewel notable Wicked Pall now grants 30% increased Chaos Damage (previously 35%) and 5% increased Skill Effect Duration (previously 10%).

The Cluster Jewel notable Haemorrhage now grants a +15% to Damage over Time Multiplier for Ailments from Critical Strikes (previously 18%) and 30% increased Critical Strike Chance (previously 40%).

Nerfs are really big this time.
Those nerfs are way heavier than i thought.

Reduced base duration AND the nerf to inc skill effect duration combined with decreased radius AND no more guaranteed explode mod decrease the QoL significantly during mapping.

The reduced damage at gem level 20 equals ~ 1.5 gem levels compared to now.

To get clear numbers instead of percentages:


If you had ~40m Shaper DPS according to PoB:
- 3m less DMG because of the base damage nerfs
- 1.5m less DMG because of Haemorrhage nerf (if you have 4xHaemorrhage)

Those numbers are only a quick estimate i made by changing jewels in my own PoB.

Don't know what to think about the Vaal BV changes. Previously, it hit every 0.13 seconds for 3 seconds (=23 hits), now its 0.2 for 5 seconds (=25 times). More hits, but less of a burst window.
ON THE OTHER HAND: we get more souls from bosses now, and it has two charges. So we could use it twice, for a bigger burst than before.

IMHO, the damage nerfs are kinda justified and wouldn't kill this build. But the QoL nerfs remind me of the changes to Winter Orb... which destroyed the whole skill.
These Nerfs feel like an overkill to me.

It is still league starter viable imho. But the QoL nerfs are heavy hitting as HornedTerrorist already stated.

In 3.13 I unskilled (Exceptional performance) which granted us 45% Skill effect duration for 3 skillpoints (could compensate the Wicked Pall Nerf) and the Wicked Pall Cluster Skill can be replace for something else (don't know what yet).

Regarding the change to the explode chest. I remember that someone said that this mod isn't that important to enable this build and that even the Cluster Jewel Skill "Unspeakable Gifts" ist enough to make the explodes work. Can't agree or disagree with that since I didn't tried it.

For my part I'm still going to start with this build but switch to something else later the league.

Curious to hear what you guys think about it.
Dypr4x wrote:

Regarding the change to the explode chest. I remember that someone said that this mod isn't that important to enable this build and that even the Cluster Jewel Skill "Unspeakable Gifts" ist enough to make the explodes work. Can't agree or disagree with that since I didn't tried it.

I don't know who told you that, but it's only half the truth. As mentionned, it's only for mid- to endgame anyways, so it doesn't affect your league start or hinders you within the first or maybe even the second week. If you're planning on doing "normal" maps (chisel + alch), it's not really a throwback. But if you're planning on juicing your maps, with specific sextants, scarabs, Delirium orbs and Zana map mod (basically: if you're doubling or tripling the amount of mobs in your map), if you're doing simulacrum or blighted maps, you need some kind of explosive mod for a way smoother run. There are a few (more or less comparable) alternatives:
- One CIP + one Binos
- Asenath Gloves
- Dual Obliteration wand

I personally do NOT like the "10% chance to explode" from the cluster jewel. It's just not the same. Let's say you kill ten mobs and only the last one explodes - zero worth out of that skill node.

Also, you won't be able to do Legion Monoliths on Delirium maps anymore without explode, ESPECIALLY with the reduced BV radius.

In the end, those nerfs don't destroy your build if you're planning on doing normal content. Boss dps will be significantly lower, but with good gear, you will still shred T16 maps. With good gear, it was touch-and-go anyway - mobs died before even half of our poison stacks on them did their full damage. So i don't see a problem in using this build as league start. I'll probably use it again, just for the first week to build up some currenccy for my endgame build. It is still cheap, does good damage and has high clear speed thx to the assassin. But i won't play this build in the endgame.

One thing i forgot to mention... this build has one big plus compared to many other builds: the amount of unique items it needs. Since Harvest has been nerfed to the ground, perfectly crafted items won't be available anymore, at least not for the price of the last league.
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