Building the World of Path of Exile 2

nice ty
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I can't wait to play this!
You all have outdone yourselves. It looks lovely!
btw the 1st cut scene, when the witch escapes, its such a vibe killer when you have a loading screen instead of directly seeing her swimming to the beach. would be nice if you could cut off that loading screen and make it a whole scene. No loadings.
Launch it now :) Even as 0.1 alpha i want to play it *g*
Erik, you and ur Team make a realy great job.
If you need a test player just give me a call :)
Cheers Pall
Can't wait for this! Amazing job.
Yeah ty :D
I hope it will be cross platform and/or done a way console players (ps4 + xbox etc.) could make a character in a console players league only or a ps4 league only or xbox league only if they prefer.

I have a friend and hes friends playing on ps4 because they are sit in front of a monitor day long. They prefer their couch and just because of that I can't play with them...
awesome I can't wait to play poe 2 :)
One thing I can say for sure,
My missing maps need a cure.
Another thing that's surely true,
My anger on this slowly grew.
Until you fix my maps too few,
I won't play Path of Exile Two.
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are we going to keep the mtx for POE 2?

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