Building the World of Path of Exile 2

Ivygreen5 wrote:
Nice to see PoE.2 in the works. But I’m more excited about D4.

O.o Burn!

yes indeed. hopefully, things change in PoE1 and PoE2 for the better. They need to focus on going back to their roots and making a traditional fun ARPG, not this complex wannabe deep shit atm
poe 2 seem not better than the 1. The graphic, in general, seem the same. At the start, while picking our character, the graphics and character animations are shits.

Riot Games is not making League of Legends 2 for a reason. It's sending the message that the game is old and out of date and players should stop playing it. Also, so many players spent an enormous amount of money in LOL and POE so if they would make the 2, many old players would either stay in the 1 or play another game (maybe SMITE or Diablo 3 or 4) cause the amount of players would drop dramatically and the game would become less enjoyable.

I hope a single thing for poe 2 : to be able to keep all our cosmetics OR GGG do some kind of calculation to make a total worth of pts and give that total to the player on day 1 so they can rebuy some cosmetics. GGG will not lose money on the medium and long run (even the short, probably). Players will continue buying more cosmetics, I don't worry at all for that ! Doing so would completey convince the poe community to go on the 2 and not wasting their time with diablo 4. It would be something new and unique in the gaming industrie and it would crush competitors AND I would have my cosmetics lol.

Edit : in the video 0:48:10 hes saying it will be the case. He seem not so sure for all of them because they will have to rework some but it looks good !
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Why does graphics of this games (poe1 and 2) looks like wet glowing plastic toys?
Just a thought The acts from 1-10 of POE tell a story and that's great but would POE2 work as a more free form leveling story where everyone in poe2 begins on the equivalent of the beach in wraeclast and everyone finishes by killing the POE2 equivalent of Kitava but the events in between are more a choose your own destination type thing. Take the "Atlas" as it stands now make one corner the "Beach in POE" where we start at level 1 and the opposite corner "Kitava".
We start on the beach then leave that place and journey through a maze of locations doing quests and not doing quests and eventually travelling across the width and breadth of the "Atlas" as we choose before fighting Kitava and moving into the equivallent of maps content...
This choose your own adventure type leveling up experience would mean that "leveling" doesn't always have to be the same grind upto high level content it can be different many times over.

I understand this would be much more work for the story department and everyone involved but I think it would make for an Epic game.

The beingings of the map could look something like this:
With . being world locations and _ and / and \ being the connecting paths between them

._. .
._./ \.__./
./ \._/ \.
\._./ ./

Okay they beat me to it... I didn't realise it was a new video before i posted this... Cool
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Dammit post my previous post needed those extra spaces to make the "map"look right you suck.
cant wait :)
Will the legacy MTX armors be updated to the new materialss and looks of POE2? I dont want to throw away my supporter items :(
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Impatiently waiting <3
guess its finally time to buy new pc

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