Happy Holidays! Get a Free Polaris Mystery Box!

AllGamer wrote:
It's not "free"
It's charged me 30 coins from the in-game shop.

The requirement for the free box is to just open the shop's page from inside the game client. If you navigated to the box in the shop and clicked on "buy" then yes, you bought a box for 30 coins. In any case, to make sure: check the amount of boxes you have in your mtx tab (first row, right on the top).
Watchurstep_ wrote:
I'm having the same issue where it is showing as a paid service, not a free gift. In order to receive the gift, do you need to make a purchase in the shop first? I'm FTP and wondering if the lack of previous purchase affects the redemption of the gift.

Have you checked your mtx tab again (the default key ingame is N or via the character tab on the website)? The free box should show up right at the top (first row are "consumables") without any other requirements than opening the shop from inside the game client.
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In game press M to open shop, Then press N to open MTX list - the box will be in there and you can open it.

I got the White armour thanks.
*Now with added Kiwi*
(His name is Colin)
cool, thx a lot!

Have a nice Christmas + Holiday + New Year everyone!! <3<3
HazaRdReborN wrote:
vio wrote:
got nothing cause i can't run the game in my holidays. splendid idea, ggg.
but then, i have enough mtx already.

Its xmas, and its free. It is a splendid idea.

age and treachery will triumph over youth and skill
Thx all, i was get my gift !
What's in the boooox???
Just like from over a hundred incursion temple runs got some trash. Thanks for nothing!
White Rat Pet here!

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