3.9.1b Hotfix

FramFramson wrote:
de99ial wrote:
basilisk1 wrote:
I am on Windows 8.1 and I think I have memory leak, based on the symptoms. It might not be just a Windows 7 problem.

It is not. Some users of Win 10 also reports problems with it.

Right. Win 10 users are jut more likely to have newer computers (i.e. with a lot more RAM), so they can go longer without the leak becoming noticeable or crippling.

Yeah some of them complain that they cannot run more than hour. Lucky ones...

PS. THX for correcting my typo in quotes ;)
Unfortunately having more RAM isn't even a solution. I am running 16gb and about 90% of the time i load into a town (99% for Oriath) my memory jumps to 99% usage with about 14gb in PoE... then restarting over and over to get past the town memory leaks until i can get to a hideout.
Manuelfhq wrote:
When ggg team gonna fix the standard map stashtab? i fucked up in the league :P

They wont...they just dont know what they are doing...they only throw some number to get the money and thats it.
Nope game is totally shot. Time to move on boys and girls these GGG people don't give a giant rip for our business.
MFairfax wrote:
Nope game is totally shot. Time to move on boys and girls these GGG people don't give a giant rip for our business.

For their buisness.
come on guys, memory leak is still in full effect, can barely play 10 minutes before the game chugs like no tomorrow, been completely unplayable for the entirety of christmas
here i was being excited to nolife PoE over christmas break :(
I imagine part of the problem for slow responses / notable hotdixes is due to the holiday season. They mentioned their last holiday season (Synthesis) that they would avoid in doing something big like this again when a large amount of the dev team is on vacation. Doesn't give enough time for QA / reactive bug fixes. Turns out they forgot their last mistake. x3

I've spent the last couple weeks with a bugged atlas and I can't do any more progression, so RIP for wanting to experience the fresh new end-game.
At least extend MetaMorph league because me and many others cannot play for like a month.

AFTER You fix those mem leaks.
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Has there been any word at all from Devs about this issue? So many people are dealing with it, yet I haven't seen anything from them at all. Did I just miss it?
There is only silence. You havent missed anything.

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