3.9.1b Hotfix

LendoKaar wrote:
bvanharjr wrote:
TreeOfDead wrote:
ty for ur work all in ggg!

still memory leak not fixed yet but ty!

actually, it's been fixed. Switch off of GI.

What is GI?

no its not fixed
Try to install oldest drivers for graphics card in case if you have NVIDIA card and win7x64. For my GTX950 i installed 355.69 version and make sure to turn off windows 7 compatibility in properties of launcher/game(it causes FPS drops even with this driver), for some reason it works just like before and all lags/FPS drops gone!
All credit goes to this guy xxPANTEONxx.
For older Nvidia cards try this GeForge Driver - 2012(they said it works as well).
Game actually works and loads a lot faster than before. What the..?
Edit: Tested different drivers, newer version = more FPS drops(oldest drivers show best performance so far).
"memory leak" still there but it's "okay", this time playtime extends from 5 min to almost hour with constant 110 fps, passive tree no lags whatsoever. At least can play the game now.

С наступающим новым годом всех! (:
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fix the memory leak!
Yes please!!! I only have these 3 Days off work and now instead of playin with a good friend ... the game is just not playable :/

thanks 2 the dev's anyway!!!
Must be a huge bug. 1 gig download. RIP
Bumber wrote:
I do full charcter with worth 15 exalt and find only 4 boss in atlas. I have do somting like 300-400 maps and can't go to next step in atlas because bosses no spawn meaby do someting like map give you 1% more chance to spawn after 10. If you no have build like run and clear map with low budget items you can't do like normaly i do shaper and uber shaper ;/ I stay on atlas lvl 5 maps i can buy better map from zana sometime and that it. No drop orbs from that bossys no uprade for atlas so you stay in one place . That is annoying.

I actually found spawning bosses are extremely easy once you understand how it works. What do you do? Takes about 3 maps per boss.
ZombieOtter wrote:
I actually found spawning bosses are extremely easy once you understand how it works. What do you do? Takes about 3 maps per boss.

I'd love to know how. I've been doing NW for a while now. Spawned influence on maybe the 3rd map and I've done 5 *different* tier appropriate maps in the region with the correct region level since initial influence - nothing. What's this so called "extremely easy" method of yours?
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When I get stuck I use the switch hideouts trick and it works every time just make sure you run the map from the map machine in the new hideout too

I was playing PoE starting at about 5PM PST yesterday, so patched through there, with no issues the whole time... no glitches, no bugs, bit of latency. I left it running today while I went to work, came back and everything was still fine, but then restarted it for good measure before starting to play again, and now there's no minimap.

It's not there in the corner-mode and not there in the overlay mode either. There's no border, glitching, icons, anything... totally gone. The interface moves around to accommodate it as usual when I put it in corner-mode, but nothing shows up in the space. Other interface elements seem fine.

I deleted all of the usual subfolders/caches in the Documents\MyGames\PathofExile folder in case there was something cached (specifically in the minimap subfolder) but that has had no effect. No changes to the computer other than that.

Drivers are Nvidia 430.86 on a 1070 Ti.

BTW: I will say that while I definitely like having a minimap for regular play, it has been *surprisingly* more immersive without it... maybe an idea for a race/challenge/etc event/league.

Thanks for any help you can give.
Never mind my previous post... no idea how it happened from doing nothing but restarting the game but the minimap transparency was set to 0.

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