3.9.1b Hotfix

Thanks for continuing to try and polish it! Very cool but ambitious league with the new end game. Just waiting for memory leak fix so I can also complain about no organs :D
ty for ur work all in ggg!

still memory leak not fixed yet but ty!
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brownieblaze wrote:
Fix the problem with eyes not dropping. Everyone i know has this same issue. Brains, lungs, hearts galore. Ive had one set of eyes the whole league drop.

This! GGG please work on this. You've released an entire league based around an idea that's gated behind this part dropping. We can't even experience the core mechanics of the league because eyes are so insanely rare. It makes no sense for it to be this way. Please resolve so we can actually experience the league content.

When you fix memory leak I can't play for a few days I can make max two maps before lag and fps decrease again ???
Legion commanders still cause CTD
zecoratul wrote:
Zoptar wrote:
Hot fix??
Steam had to redownload the whole game. 14,52 Gb
It's because all game is in 1 file, and steam doesn't do diff patches. It works in simplest way possible: file changed? - then redownlolad it!
I mean, it definitely isn't TGGG's fault steam works that way. Not that they knew about it before bringing the game to steam, and even if they knew, well, there's nothing they can do about it. /s

I'm using steam - 1GB of DL total. Dunno why You need to DL this much.

PoE on my PC, installed via Steam, uses a total of 9972 files in 31gb - Dunno what You are talking about with "1 file". Biggest file size is 4.3gb. Most of the files are located in the shaders directory.

And ftw...Steam does downloading of parts and doesn't redownload every single file.

I do not have ANY problems using steam with any game and love having the payment option this easy via one application as manager.
I can't update at all when opened up steam...downloading/ folder keep increasing file size non-stop until 20++GB I stopped it, is this a bug or really more than 20GB for this update?
Please fix map stash, there is no space to put all new maps
standard. map stash tab. convert.
TreeOfDead wrote:
ty for ur work all in ggg!

still memory leak not fixed yet but ty!

actually, it's been fixed. Switch off of GI.
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