3.9.1 Patch Notes

ty for ur work!

w8 for memory leak fix
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Hi I noticed your patch notes said that citadels would be accessible until the boss encounter becomes available. This is still not the case. Any update?
Fixed a client crash when killing a General during a Legion encounter.

This is NOT fixed. Crashes every time.
TY GGG, after 3.9.1 patch my client crash every time when i kill Legion general ( unfreeze it), before patch had no such issues -=)
"Atlas Citadels are now only hidden when the boss encounter is available. This allows you to change your Watchstones and apply Sextants with more freedom."

Is this working for anyone? Not being able to sextant influenced maps makes them not worth running. I end up losing out on so much loot and experience for the minute chance of getting a decent drop from the Elderslayer.
its now been 2 weeks since this patch made the game unplayable.
do you want people to stop playing? because this is how you make people stop playing
Arthur606 wrote:
You can now run the same Map multiple times to encounter the Conquerors of the Atlas. After the first encounter it will have a 33% chance to occur again in the same Map. Running different maps will still cause it to be deterministic. Once you have encountered the final boss all are once again chance-based.

Is this really working as described for everyone? I feel like before and after patch it's been the same hardship for me, or I'm doing it fundamentally wrong

I can accept "chance-based" can be running 10 (as in most maps in a region) different maps to spawn influence, but I've never run 3 different maps in an influence to straight up spawn conquorer, never "deterministic"

What about this, doesn't work in my atlas the word "deterministic" ...i'm doing different maps in one region and nothing.
The sirus fight is still uber bad.
You still can get trapped by his meteor circles on the stairs top of encounter, and thoses tornadoes are just a frustrating mechanic.
So before the patch, it was at least possible to target farm eyes? (for example)
And now after the patch, it's completely random? Because my stash is filling up with everything but eyes, seriously infuriating, I like the idea of it and all, but this drop rate being absolutely random now and seems eyes have just horrendous drop rate. Why is that every goddamn league that sounds fun they have to shit a bed and make it just god awful through mechanics of league? It's not okay to have a ratio of 1:10 for eyes it's not even that good honestly.

If you want something to be so stupid rare at least make a way to bypass your stupidity and allow us to pay currency to target organs to remove infuriating chokepoints.

My last league was Legion, enjoyed it a lot. Skipped Blight, coming to CoA with the new league, CoA was terribly confusing, to begin with after just leveling and smashing low tier map, I still quite didn't grasp the goal of CoA, until I seriously got annoyed and googled all the mechanics and logic to proceed, I don't like it, CoA is overly complex, extremely time-consuming and this map juggle is such an annoyance if you gonna rip off Greater Rift system from D3 at least make it better, so far I have found no fun in CoA at all, I found myself buying much more maps then with previous atlas system because how tiers of maps shift, maybe I'm still missing some details to it all.

GGG not exactly starting a year with great hope for PoE to grow better and fix mistakes of last year(s).

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