3.9.1 Patch Notes

Seems 80% of boss organs are brains now, and other 20% hearts. It's been much much worse since patch since can't target bosses that drop eyes now.
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3 days of waiting to fix a bug introduced by a patch and probably anoter 4 to go cause they wont patch anything before friday...
Legit have a tab full of brains and hearts. Doubt distribution is even. 1 eye and 1 lung in there. This patch just removed target farming.
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'Every Map Boss can now be chosen for all organ types for Metamorph League. This will result in an even distribution of the different organs to use in Tane's Laboratory.'
Why though? I'd rather be able to farm the specific organs than depend even more on rng...
when will update to xbox? there are many crashes
Organs distribution is worse than before. Let us do a recipe to change them 3:1 or whatever.

Things was about better before the patch
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please rebalance the organs part drop rate... auto pick up is very good idea but the unique organs drop super unbalance with each part..some time i auto pick up until full before i kill the boss.. so should i run to the boss 1st? then return to the map start? no point.. pls~!! rebalance it~
Kieren_GGG wrote:
  • Fixed a bug where multiple Vaal side areas could generate in an area.

Well, it appears that actually wasn't fixed after all.
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Lots of Brains, no eyes at all.

Patch downloading speed is crazy low. Now where we have a bug fix patch almost every day its very annoying....
You can now run the same Map multiple times to encounter the Conquerors of the Atlas. After the first encounter it will have a 33% chance to occur again in the same Map. Running different maps will still cause it to be deterministic. Once you have encountered the final boss all are once again chance-based.

Is this really working as described for everyone? I feel like before and after patch it's been the same hardship for me, or I'm doing it fundamentally wrong

I can accept "chance-based" can be running 10 (as in most maps in a region) different maps to spawn influence, but I've never run 3 different maps in an influence to straight up spawn conquorer, never "deterministic"

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