3.9.1 Patch Notes

Autopickup, all I care about. Thanks GGG.
Today I played like a pig. I'm suddenly wallowing in gameplay. I played 8 hours straight. Not one studder, no rubber banding, no sudden pauses or the even more dreaded DISCONNECTION!

Thanks sincerely GGG!
2 thumbs up for the auto pickup .. it is a great quality of life improvement.
"Fixed a client crash when killing a General during a Legion encounter."

Not yet... :( crashed right now doing this.
I believe the multiple vaal side areas showing on maps is still an issue, I got two vaal areas showing on the T15 Overgrown Ruin. And It didn't let me exit the vaal area due to this error message. Error: "Failed to join instance because: Transfer to this instance is not allowed using this method" I asked in chat and it seems some other players were getting the same error. That's it.

P.S. I don't know where to report this bug so I posted it here. :S
auto pick up <3

thanks gGg awesome!!!
Legion general crash is still happening :(
crunkatog wrote:

--CWDT stops checking for all gems linked to it. Can't decide whether this isn't a ninja nerf to defensive measures, or actual bog-standard incompetence. Please clarify

No no no. That was my mistake. For some reason my helmet after one patch stopped being 4l. Maby im just blind but i could swear that before it was 4l. It works fine.
"Fixed a client crash when killing a General during a Legion encounter."

No you did not...
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