New Core Supporter Packs Available Now!

no t-shirt?! i want that book though. basilisk set by far the best imo
No interest in apparitions and the removal of tshirts have eroded the value for me. GGG still have me as a player but none of these or the league packs are enough for me to be a supporter any more.
I actually like some of the armour sets however no t-shirt = no buy.
GGG, pointers on how to make a successful core supporter pack:

- hoodie
- tshirt
- flashy big portals
- flashy hideouts
- flashy big pets
- flashy armour sets
- flashy back attachments
- no apparitions

If not put your ideas in:
- basic league supporter pack
no hoodie, no tshirt ? no thanks :(
Ringx wrote:
Original post expressing disappointment about ggg purposely bricking the PAID for map stash tab to force players into the new season was deleted due to being negative.

The supporter packs are over priced and as the majority of the posters have said, are not worth it.

I was going to buy a supporter pack this season, but since I cannot play due to my map tab being bricked, i'll pass.

I have spoken.

It makes perfect sense that your post was deleted.

Post about your technical issues in the "Bug Reports" section of the Forum.

GGG don't brick anything on purpose. I hope you don't really believe in what you wrote. I understand your frustration but sh*t happens. Certainly not on purpose. Player retention is key for GGG and situations like yours are not something that helps them achieve their goal.

GGG is a very technically competent company, and a lot of the problems that have existed within the game for many years, do not get fixed for the sole reason that fixing them is directly or indirectly counterproductive to some of their financial goals. Things that are not, more often than not, get fixed/resolved pretty quickly.

Now I'm not suggesting that GGG bricked the map tab on purpose of course (I myself don't believe that at all), but to be fair to the person you replied to, a lot of people start to get these ideas when they see how some of the other things are handled, particularly those that deal with mtx and point sales. I'm not going to get into the detail here (otherwise this post is going to be 10 pages long), but a lot of these things are pretty financially manipulative toward the player base tbh. People are not stupid, they are aware of these little things that the company does to optimize their financial goals. And while there is nothing really criminal in that desire per se, when it is done in a very un-straightforward way (to put it politely) as it has been on many occasions, a portion of the trust between the community and company is lost, and there is no way around it.

The notion that this game if "free" by the way, is just a good marketing model and nothing else. As my friend likes to say, the only free cheese in this life, is the one in the mousetrap. Nothing in capitalism is ever free, and that is totally fine, given our reality. But to use that as an argument point, as many people above do (not you) when someone justly or unjustly complains, is naive at best.
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I have been waiting for this update to the Core Supporter Packs for a while now, because I was super keen on getting a PoE t-shirt/hoodie and the big flashy effects and cool armor sets, but this has honestly ruined it for me. Getting physical items actually gives us something with a real value, not just something we enjoy in a video game. Cannot buy at the prices these are at, without a tshirt and hoodie.
very disappointed.
don't like any of the packs! only thing i want is the physical goods, but can't justify buying the last pack.

I'm not upset to not get a shirt cos i have 3 already, just wish the actually MTX where more flashy or unique
Lexanth wrote:

Finest Hardcore Gaming Guild ~Soldiers of the Wasteland~
The Basilisk pack is the only one I really like. The appirations need to go...

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