3.9.0d Patch Notes (restartless)

Is it normal to drop samples that says "drop additional maps" when i'm only lvl30+ and it does not triggers when I kill the metamorph I created ?
Shouldn't those sample drops only later when I've unlocked the atlas ?
Help me complete my unique collection: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/335591

LogicalNerd wrote:
LogicalNerd wrote:
hsanhuezar wrote:
QUESTLINE FIX PLS, STUCK AT 8, doubled them in the center and NOTHING

This was answered two comments above you.

Question, any idea on when the fix for the windows 7 crash "when throwing a dynamite to break a wall" in delve will occur?

After doing some thorough testing (3 broken walls) it seems like this was fixed. Thanks a lot!

Nope, this is still a thing. Haven't experienced a crash with Täne, though.
So please fix the dynamite crash thing and add the bodyparts auto pick up (like azurite, so you don't have to code anything new?) :)

And a comment: This "mix your own monster league" is so much better than "tower defense league"! It's still sad that you made it core, because of the anointments you had to (I understand), for getting a clear oil in 99 % of the cases and all other oils and blighted maps share the 1 % rest is just what I expected when it was anounced.
How is it that standard has to endure all the nerfs to skill gems, skill tree, and ascendancies every new league, just that said league can have the new shit that is so well balanced, that it has to be adjusted mid-league?
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Neonarg wrote:
Herculys wrote:
DHShadows wrote:
thats good but im currently at 8 watchstones and before that it was so easy to get watchstones but now LITERALLY it never procs again for me idk if its bugged if im doing something wrong since the instructions are very unclear on what you need to do

it's glitched i'm also stuck on 8 watchstones



You need to move some watchstones around to make a zone a higher level since there is a min level for certain watchstone in each area. Try hovering over that useless new bar on the left side of the map and it will highlight a zone and show the requirements for watchstones.

The map has to be the upgraded level or the exile won't spawn.

Doesn't matter when im stuck on 7/8 watch towers and unable to progress because the Influence isn't showing up no matter how many maps I've run over the past couple of days. Still sat on 5 watchstones.
Whatever you've done to the rendering in this patch - keep it!

I've never seen such a high and stable FPS values. Previously they were between 70-120 fps, now they are between 110-150 fps.
After this patch the "an unexpected disconnection occurred" issue happened to me. I was doing fine the past few days til now. Tried everything the TechSupport page mentioned but it's still happening.
NLe wrote:
So sick of picking up body part!!

Yep, it is just too annoying to click on them or memorize which part did collect etc....

Auto pickup option coming or not ?
Thanks GGG

There are still some people me included. Who can't migrate all from Metamorph SSF To Metamorph. As reported in this thread https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2690416.
I am gonna mule now the stash piece by piece. But still would be nice to get an update on that.
After this update my game close (not crash, just close) when i try to put or withdraw items/maps/currency/anything from my chest. Im sad ;(
Why always so many bugs on league start, we are beta testers or what?

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