The Polaris Mystery Box

Eisbehr wrote:
Ok, got all. When does the new Mystery Boxes come out? :P

LOL nice
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Mirror Drop T-14 Shrine
I need the new supporter packs so I can get some points! These are so POG.
GGG damn you, there goes all my money. Combo set looks so beautiful!
I love them, the combined armor make me think in Spawn. so we have ying yang, the next mistery box with Mecha!
Those are TERRIBLE, honestly.

What is this? Starwars? They don't fit the Path of Exile era or style at all.....

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sagiterios wrote:
its been a long time since i liked everything in one of these chest sets (or, in regards to the clown box, anything)

but goddam these look amazing. time to drop some cash

Exactly how i felt. Bought a few mystery boxes previous, this one im already at 15 but what i've got for $45 worth of boxes is well over $100 and I like most if not all the MTXs. Hell even the hideout decorations are great!
I hate mystery boxes in PoE and the inevitable discord they bring.

But that said, the contents look amazing this season. Finally an armour set that can maybe stand alongside the Obsidian Seraph set. At least I can maybe dip a few points into them without knowing I'll get some clown dren.

Minor nitpicks:
0:45 - The glow circle effect looks out of place and just awful in general.
1:45 - The yin-yang looks really unbalanced, which runs counter to its nature. The white half just has so much more substance to it and pops out.
They are ok. Not a big fan of this box.
The statue that look just like the player wearing the armor is a nice step into actual mannequin hideout decoration.
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But it would be nice if the boxes have at least some kind of balancing if someone bought many boxes. I mean, i have six "uncommon" Dragons, but not a single "common" white mouse. Or six white boots, and only one black. I mean, sure, it's random. But a bit more relation to the user would be nice. ;)

And why is there no skin for claws again?! There are way too less claw skins available!

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