The Polaris Mystery Box

The ultimate mystery box statement. Gene Roddenberry would be proud.

"You've got to grind, grind, grind at that grindstone..."
Necessity may be the mother of invention, but poor QoP in PoE is the father of frustration.

The perfect solution to fix Trade Chat:
Kundarin wrote:
It almost frightens me a bit when people is sitting here and actually truly and honestly, and actually not throwing it like a joke when saying things like:

This set is like THE BEST set EVER I have ever seen come out of MTX.

I have already spent $300-$500 on these Boxes and I wanna spend more. I need it all.

Nice change and extremely interesting design.

Nice! Awesome!! I want!!! Let me throw my money at you Tencent GGG.

Sorry, but I have to be honest here with you all. This is actually worrying when people can actually say these things. And in fact mean it honestly too.

But when that is said, I also know that many of you people that say this now, will next year be saying things like:

Oh my god. Oh no. What were I thinking?!

Geez, was I stupid to waste all that cash on this shitty set, back last Xmas.

Why on earth did I ever waste those $150 on actual thrash?! Why, oh WHY?!

And best sets EVER? Check out Glimmerwood and Sin & Innocence. Those are actually sets that deserve to be among the truly best.

These folks help fund the game you enjoy for free.

Dont be frightened, some people dont give a shit about a few hundred bucks for a game they have played for years and spent thousands of hours on.

I hated the carnival loot boxes, but these are great. I like the new atlas and Metamorph too.

Its likely I will get the $240-250 new core supporter pack and use the points on these mtx's next month when they release.

Edit: In general I dont like loot boxes, but they ain't going away. I still think there should be a "buy all" option for $200 or so(or whatever number it is), that way it isnt so much gambling.
"Better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak out and remove all doubt."
- Abraham Lincoln
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"You can't have a shadow without some light."

Oh my god ... did they just secretly anounce the 7th character class?

We already have Shadow ... so now they'll release Light!

We have Red, Blue, Green based classes, Red-Blue, Blue-Green, Green-Red and Blue-Green-Red.

Now.. we get the white-socket class!

*solid theory* (..not really)
I'm here for the cute rat pets.

IGN: Lady_Serena
Duplicates,no ty
Can we get standalone dragons buy at some later date or only RNG box?
how do we get the ying yang symbol for a portal ?

TheTrueNoob wrote:
Can we get standalone dragons buy at some later date or only RNG box?

we will get all effects ~1month after league end in shop

how do we get the ying yang symbol for a portal ?

combine black + white portal

Asking: Are the % on the weapon effects rigged? got 0 black or white out of 70 boxes, got everything 3+ times
IGN: Maphan_Meep
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this looks nice, ty

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