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Criiq wrote:
feigenstaub wrote:

Now I saw your endgame pob and it goes off. I see you didnt went into widespread destruction. May I ask why you want it on the jewel then?
Or do I miss something else?

Essentially, large cluster jewels are most efficient when we only have to take the two notables on the way to our jewel sockets. The notables on the large cold cluster jewels (with the very important exception of Blanketed Snow) are not generally worth two extra skill points to access since our tree is super tight.

What that means is we want our two best notables (Blanketed Snow + one other) immediately to the left and right of the starting passive on the cluster rather than directly across. That allows us to only take 5 passives on the entire cluster (including our 2 jewel sockets) and ignore the final notable entirely.

Generally speaking, players (OP and myself included) would like Prismatic Heart as the other taken notable besides Blanketed Snow since it's decent for damage and gives us a little bit of flexibility with our resists elsewhere. The problem is, in order to get both Blanketed Snow and Prismatic Heart positioned directly to the left and right of the starting passive in the cluster, we need to have Widespread Destruction as the other notable. Some factor I am not aware of (name maybe?) determines the order of the notables in a cluster and Widespread Destruction happens to be the only one that positions Blanketed Snow and Prismatic Heart the way we want.

Now, if you're willing to use a notable alongside Blanketed Snow besides Prismatic Heart, your options for your third notable open up quite a bit. OP rightly suggests Corrosive Elements or Sadist as decent alternatives to Prismatic Heart. In both of their cases, instead of just Widespread Destruction, Doryani's Lesson and Disorienting Display will position your notables as desired.

This means the "Blanketed in Snow/Prismatic Heart/Widespread Destruction/2 jewel sockets" cluster jewel is going to be far rarer to craft and far more expensive to buy. I purchased mine for 5 and 4ex which felt pretty good given OP's estimation of it costing 5-10ex to craft yourself. If you're willing to go with either Corrosive Elements or Sadist instead of Prismatic Heart, however, you should be able to get it for much less. Alternatively, if you're willing to "waste" the two skill points and hit up all 3 notables on the cluster, you can probably craft something yourself fairly easily with chaos rather than bothering with exalt slams. Entirely up to you, OP was just offering the optimized path.

Hopefully this helps!

WOW thank you for your long explanation! that really helps to understand that. :) Seems I missed that point anywhere.

I tried to craft multiple jewels and got a few decent ones which I was able so sell for some ex. For some I didn't knwo why, now there is more light in the dark. ;)
Anyone know if we can reliably dual curse with a curse on hit ring and an awakened curse on hit linked to frostbolt for 2nd curse?
You can and I do (or at least I did last league, working on leveling CoH to 5).

So, if you guys haven't read Mark's post in the bug thread, it seems this build needs a pretty large tweaking. GSE and Spell Echo apparently do nothing for damage modifiers for Ice Nova cast on Frostbolt. May need to tweak gems and/or look into alternative weapons.

I plan to test different gem setups during Sirus kills tomorrow. If the damage feels noticeably different, I may try different weapon setups as well.
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So according to Mark's post, nothing was actually changed about the damage this league, just the area no longer increases per repeat.

I (and others) assumed that since the area used to increase for each echo, the damage modifier would apply too. Apparently it did not. This actually kind of makes sense because when I was making my videos last league I felt I didn't do quite the damage my calculations indicated.

You would be extremely hard pressed to find a better weapon setup than Pledge of Hands (even knowing that the damage bonus from GSE doesn't apply). Having played a version of this build with dual wands early on, I can say with high confidence that Pledge of Hands will still absolutely crush any other weapon setup you can try. (You are still welcome to look, of course.)

So in summary:
* The build was NOT actually bugged or nerfed DPS-wise
* The area IS nerfed (increasing area per repeat was not intended).
* My recommendations for the build should be unchanged
* Awakened Spell Echo might be less valuable than previously thought. Level 5/20 Awakened Spell Echo is still better than 21/23 normal Spell Echo, but it might be worse before you get to Level 5.
* My DPS estimation was too high. Basically we will have to change the multipliers to get from PoB DPS to real DPS.
* PoB (Unforked/Openarl): Old multiplier = 10x, New multiplier = 6.5x
* PoB (Forked/LocalIdentity); Old multiplier = 6.5x, New multiplier = 4.3x

Example: My current DPS is 7m in Forked PoB, so multiplying it by 4.3 we get 30m real Shaper DPS.
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I, too, assume that PoH will still be BiS, but perhaps Awakened Spell Echo merits replacement.
So I've been using this build for a week or so now and I've gotten almost all the expensive shit I need for it it function and while the damage is pretty good, I die more often than I'd like. I'd like a way to increase survivability without losing damage. Could someone help a brotha out?

Do I need to post a link to my character or can you guys just check it out by clicking on my name?
I just tested 5 a8 Sirus kills with Hypothermia and 5 a8 Sirus kills with Awakened Ele Focus, both replacing Awakened Spell Echo. Hypothermia is out for sure; it doesn't offer nearly enough damage to offset the loss of one echo and massively reduced cast speed. Awakened Ele Focus may potentially have higher top end damage, but it requires constant reapplication of chill from Cold Snap, which isn't always feasible, and the loss of cast speed is a big defensive hit as well as you're forced to stand in place for longer.

TLDR: Pledge + Awakened Spell Echo, as Arcinde predicted, seems to be the best setup still.
Is there a chest alternative to Farrul's Fur i can use? Until I can farm up currency

edit: nvm saw the google docs my bad x)
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What do you guys think about using medium jewel with Intensity instead of one with curse effectivnes. For me it looks like this is 16 MORE damage with 5th lvl of Intensify in single skill point, but I am noob in case of knowledge about this game so I might be missing something, I am waiting for opinions :)

I choosed this build as a starter and it's really really fine !

Like my character, i'm quite an old man ( 40 y old ^^) and bored to cast cold snap + frost bomb
I tried this 6 L on my chest :
Cold snap 8
Frost bomb 11
bonechill supp 20
Aw unbounded ailment 2
increased AOE 20

so when i take 583 dmg ( everytime ), it cast CS+FB.

Of course it's quite defensive and CS + FB are not at max level but i dont care ; the most important for me is ailment + dmg penetration

I'm really not a good player so every critic is pretty welcome :)

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