Integrating Blight into Core Path of Exile

One of my least favorite leagues, only beaten by bestiary.

Synthesis was flawed genious, but I am glad it didnt stay.
Bestiary is great with the removal of the netting bs.

Blight seems...slow and boring, and the performance was terrible.

What I am seeing of Metamorph seems a lot more interesting, but we will see.

The differentness of blight is cool, and in theory it is good to add such leagues to keep the game varied and fresh...but to me it just doesnt fit in the poe playstyle.

I would not mind seeing it go. I'd rather have more of the other mechanics like abyss/breach/whatever else is at the current endgame.
Blight league is completely trash. I can't reach even 10fps in Blighted Maps.
clear oil farming incoming thx GGG
WTB Blight scarabs plox

Rusted: 2-4 node blight
Polished: 4-6
Gilded: 7-8 with at least 1 boss
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Soske wrote:
No one wanted this. Thanks.

I hated blight so much that and synthesis are the only leagues I didn't play beyond early late game. I cannot stand mechanics that are so counter to core arpg gameplay.

I am amazed the team was able to create a tower defense minigame inside the engine but I just don't feel like it belongs. Feels it was done just to do... what's next... a city builder inside poe? a card game every map?

stick to arpg

I suppose 10% is low enough but that's still just a regular map +10% of the time cause i'm never touching the system.
Live to play.
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Remember Blight Haters, U can skip this content like any nother core content :), Just sell all your blight maps and stop cry.
Extremely happy to hear about this. Blight has been easily one of my favorite mechanics in this game.

Also, to everyone who's flipping out about it being added, just bear in mind: This isn't a heavily enforced rippy mechanic like Pre-nerf Syndicate or anything along those lines. It's fully opt-in - Just ignore Cass.

We'll be happy to sell you the oils.
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Hmm can't say I enjoyed blight or expect to do any blight content in the future, but I'm sure many people out there will.

edit: Maybe I'll give it one more chance considering I quit very early into the league.
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I wish you had made blighted maps droprate higher during this league... It was a lot of fun but I got barely any to drop and thus had to quit the league a month in out of boredom once again. Really would have loved to stay and do the blighted maps more, make builds for that etc etc but alas...

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